Outstanding Educator 2020, Juanita High School
Tiffany Chow, English Language teacher
Juanita High School
Kelly Clapp, principal
The Juanita staff reports that Tiffany Chow is the epitome of Rotary’s motto, “Service above Self,” explaining, “She is a gifted instructor.  She is a passionate advocate for students who are typically underserved and/or underrepresented in our school system.  Tiffany is not afraid to challenge the status quo to ensure that all students have access to both academic and extracurricular opportunities.”  One example of this courage is well represented by the work Tiffany’s done to lead Juanita to more closely examine how the school staff communicates regarding the complex processes that make turning out for sports difficult for some of our families.
Principal Kelly Clapp says, “Tiffany is a leader both in the school district and in our school, serving on multiple committees and teams.  At JHS, she serves on the Building Leadership team, serves as a trainer for Culturally Responsive Teaching, and she participates on both our Equity team and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team.”  Clapp compliments Chow’s remarkable commitment, saying, “Tiffany exhibits seemingly tireless energy at all times.  She is unwavering in her belief that we must tackle tough challenges related to equity and inclusion to make school a great place for all students.  Kids love her and she is also liked and respected by her peers, other staff, and administrators.”