How Reading Buddies Groups Work

A Reading Buddies Group is a small number of students gathered with one adult who supports and leads their reading activities.  Your direct involvement helps to foster the love of reading.  Here are several attributes of Rotary's Reading Buddies Group organization:
  • The group meets weekly in a classroom, the library, or another school room.
  • There are 3 - 5 students per group.
  • The average time commitment is an hour a week, typically during the school's lunch time.
  • Each group selects its book and reads together.
  • In typical "book group" fashion the Rotarian helps facilitate discussion of the book during the regularly scheduled weekly meeting times.   
The Rotary Club of Kirkland plans to provide student participants with personal copies of the weekly reading book on loan from the Kirkland Rotary Reading Buddies library at John Muir Elementary.
Upon completion of a year of participation in the Reading Buddies program, each student will receive a book of their choice as a gift from Kirkland Rotary.
There are several members of Rotary Club of Kirkland who can provide greater understanding of this wonderful project. Please contact the chair for this project, whose information is listed below.  The project chair can answer questions about how you can get involved.

Where Reading Buddies Groups are Held

The Rotary Club of Kirkland has chosen John Muir Elementary School for this project.  John Muir needs our help because it enrolls the highest ethnic diversity of all the Kirkland elementary schools, and the highest percentage of students from low income families.  This year we continue our efforts to support this schools programs by accelerating the depth and breadth of weekly reading groups. 
John Muir Elementary School  
14012 132nd Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 936-2640
Contact:  Patty Shinstrom