Outstanding Educator 2022, Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School
Amy Dennehy, kindergarten teacher
Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School
Brian Story, principal
A. G. Bell's principal, Brian Story, describes Ms. Amy Denny as a remarkable kindergarten teacher and expresses great pride in her nomination as an Outstanding Educator for 2022.  He says that Amy consistently goes miles above and beyond what is expected of her to best support her students.  She is exceptionally dedicated to their growth, both academically and social/emotionally, always providing them the resources and tools to find success inside her classroom and beyond.
Ms. Dennehy expertly crafts a culture of care and respect in her classroom and fosters positive relationships with her students, parents, and the entire Bell community.  She boosts student compassion and care with a classroom ethos that is accepting, understanding and loving, a significant feat with 5- and 6-year old students.  As the Bell staff returned from the COVID shutdown, Ms. Dennehy continued to shine, consistently striving to help fill the gaps evident following the school/work stoppage in creative and inventive ways.  She is kind, compassionate, caring, dedicated, determined, rigorous, and resilient.  She is a model among her peers and a huge asset to our building as a whole!