Outstanding Educator 2022, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
Heidi Jones, first grade teacher
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
Keith Buechler, principal
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Principal Keith Buechler reports feeling thrilled to nominate Heidi Jones, a first grade teacher at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School as an Outstanding Educator in 2022.
Keith describes Heidi as a truly altruistic educator who serves her students and her school community like no others.  Heidi (almost to a fault) puts others above herself and strives to be an ally to all.  Heidi loves each of her students as though they are her own children and goes above and beyond in her service to them.  She is an effective and valued collaborator with her peers and beloved by the families of her students as well.  Heidi is an invaluable member of the Franklin school community.
In addition to the supportive and nurturing environment she provides her students, Heidi also volunteers to participate on many of Franklin Elementary leadership and advocacy teams, including the Building Leadership and Equity teams.  Keith is certain he can think of nobody more deserving of this honor, for Heidi is the personification of the values communicated by Rotary.