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The Rotary Club of Kirkland membership formally approved on January 30 to move from annually sponsoring the Great Puget Sound Duck Dash to sponsoring an annual rummage sale as the club's major fundraising project. The first rummage sale is planned for the coming summer of 2023, during the month of July. A Kirkland school site is the preferred venue for such a project, which is to be fashioned after the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island Annual Auction & Rummage Sale. The fundraising committee is working with school district leadership to secure a site. Club members and others may volunteer to aid the success of the project through several sub-committees, or working teams, as approved by the board of directors. Each is described below, and is accompanied by a bold link to the volunteer sign-up for that team.
Operations Team
This team's purpose is to capitalize in Rotarians’ organization and planning skills.  (20 people)  Tasks are to obtain space, work with police and fire, create map and coordinate departments (sporting goods, luggage, etc.), gather supplies for the event (display tables, racks, chairs, IRS receipts, etc.), get tents, ropes, signs, bags, electrical cords, dumpster, etc.
Finance Team
This team's purpose is to capitalize on individuals that have a great understanding of financial controls and can price items to move on sale day.  (14 people)  Tasks are to make sure that the money collected is safe, credit card processing in all departments, budgets, sponsors, and pricing of all items.
Food Team
This team's purpose is to organize Rotarians and volunteers to feed in the week leading up to the event and during the event.  (4 people) Tasks are working with the school resources, or finding other avenues to feed the masses, plus clean-up.
Technology and Marketing Team
This team's purpose is to communicate our message digitally and physically.  (8 people)  Tasks are to build new website, do two social media campaigns, create posters and yard signs, reach out to businesses, speak to neighborhood associations, have a communications lead that will graciously check for grammar and event info, and P.A. system communications for the event.
Volunteer Team
This team's purpose is to manage the volunteer group from beginning to end.  (14 people)  Tasks are to build a volunteer team through schools, nonprofits, contacts and neighborhoods, set assignments, manage booths to check in volunteers and to act as a info desk, create a thank you party for the volunteers on “Clean-up” Sunday.
Fundraising Chair: Pete Anderson