April 27, 2020 - On-line meeting of the Rotary Club of Kirkland.
The meeting began a bit after ~6:10PM, as arranged by James Nevers, using his Zoom account.
Attending were – James Nevers, Dave Aubry, Steve Shinstrom, Margie Glenn, Kristin Olson, Rick Ostrander, Stefan Landvogt, Bill Taylor, John Pruitt, Joanne Primavera, Amy Mutal, David Mutal, David Debois, Rich Bergdahl, Mike Hunter, Brandon Honcoop, John Woodbery, Terry Cole, Patti Smith, Tricia Stromberg, Russ Stromberg, Monica Fratita, Gary Cohn, Darcia Tudor, Rick Walter, Cheryl Guenther.
Let me know if I missed anyone.
President John Woodbery rang the bell – recently ‘rescued’ from the Woodmark Hotel by Rich Bergdahl, and we did the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Bob Webb is well but isolated even more than the rest of us because he is in a senior group facility.
  • Brandon Honcoop’s grandfather worked for the Northern Pacific apropos our restoration of the NP logo on the Kirkland Way overpass. I need to email the restored logo to all club members.
  • The Club’s website has many of our Students of the Month posted.
  • Apparently, our normal dinner meeting room at the Woodmark has been set up for some time, awaiting our return.  Frozen in time for the past 6 weeks!
  • Jim Nevers again set up ‘break-out rooms’ for groups of four to socialize and reconnect.  Our group discussed how to deal with Duck Tickets. Most of last year’s sponsors have again agreed to be sponsors, but what if there is no race?  Discussed whether or not there will be a race and how to secure our rights to the event in this region if we do not run this year. Discussed costs/benefits of the Duck Race and how to secure community contributions for this year and future community support for the event.
Our speaker for the evening is Kim Lorenz, the author of “Tireless”, which describes key principles that drive success beyond business school.  It partly revolves around the benefits of Rotary and its work.  The book advocated that we learn to see opportunity and is targeted at 18-40 year-olds.  We make tens of thousands of decisions a day – how we make them determines how we contribute and/or succeed in our jobs, or in our lives.  My screen then froze about 6:50PM, even though I was hard-wired in the router; lost connection completely at 6:56 PM, got out of Zoom and came back in with full audio and video at 7:01PM.   Unfortunately, I missed some of the talk, but the book is available to everyone, so get one and check it out.
Respectfully Submitted
David Aubry
Acting Scribe