Posted by Darcia Tudor on Apr 29, 2019
President Rick Waters
  • Humor-- we love jokes
  • Rotary Guests: Margie visited again for the 3rd time. She is planning to join our group and Brian Tucker’s wife attended to support scholarship night
  • Rotary Foundation Moment:  Rotary supports polio vaccines. They provide Polio vaccinations “plus” which adds Hepatitis A and Tetanus.
  • Patty Sims:  Rotary supports baseball games for local special needs children each year. Last week  they had good weather, and a good turnout. They have another game Saturday.  If you want to help, you can just show up at the Perrigo park in Kirkland. 
  • James Nevers:  We need more  sponsors!  All sponsors get their name and  logo.
  • Steve Shinstrom:  Bunco event  was fun.   John Woodbery attended ,again, and mentioned that the only requirement for the game  was to “ check your brain at the door.”
Terri Ebert: Fun money: Bring your money to buy your tickets next week, so we can continue to raise money for scholarships.

Elizabeth Rusnak, Vocational Service Chair:  She explained the benefits each student will receive and a $1,000 scholarship, and recognized her scholarship:
Mike Hunter & Jim Meniketti, Juanita High School
Brandon Honcoop & James Nevers, Lake Washington High School
Brian Tucker, Patty Doherty, and Joe Getzandanner, International Community School
Ambareen Jaddi, Jim Meniketti and John Pruitt, Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Lake Washington Institute of Technology  Presented by Ambareen Jaddi.
Maricel  Hablo works hard with persistence in everything she does.  Volunteer for several activities at her school  and church.  She is double majoring in culinary and baking at  her school. She brought her mother with her.
International Community School presented by Brian Tucker
Allison Li is very involved in Community Service and is a 4.0 student. She attended with her father.  She is a volunteer at the Pacific Science Center, and multicultural ambassador. She is fluent in Spanish. She is a member of future businesses of America. She is received accommodation for the National Merit Scholarship and she is an AP scholar with distinction. She plans to attend the University in the fall, and major in biology to go into to cancer research.
Juanita High School presented by Tricia Stromberg and Mike Hunter, recipients: 
Brynn Baker is  a veteran of community service. She attends with her father.  She has been involved in green Kirkland and at her church.  She participated in a service event to Costa Rica. She impressed the judges by researching Rotary before her interview. She plans to attend the University of Washington in the fall.
Maddisen Collom is attending with her parents. She is resilient. She has faced challenges while continuing to work at Starbucks and volunteer at Hopelink. She is the editor in chief at Juanita School. She has been working with a group to provide toys to at risk children in Kenya.  She is planning to attend the University of Washington.
Georgina Enciso is  attending with her twin sister. She will help new students in her community. She volunteers for students without borders and at her church. A rotary veteran who was student of the month last year. She is going to the Western Washington University in education.
Kyle Raychel is attending with his parents. He is a familiar face at rotary. He was a 2018 student of the month and volunteered with rotary at NW Harvest. He coaches pee wee soccer and volunteers for a tree planting program. He plans to attend the University of Washington to pursue a degree in Arts and Sciences.
Ajay Srivastava is attending with his father.  He relocated to Juanita High School because of its Cambridge program. He has volunteered at Hope Link. . He participated in Deca and serves on the board. He serves as a treasurer at his high school. He will be attending Georgetown University in the fall.
Lake Washington Highs School presented by James Nevers:
Lily Laursen is attending with her mother.  She was a 2018 student of the month. She has volunteered in several capacities at her high school  as  Treasurer of the National Honors Society and the environmental club. She planned a unity day emphasizing anti –bullying and tutored students. She will be attending Colorado School of Minds in the fall. 
Taylor Rickels is attending with his family. He works at the Woodmark Hotel.  He  has also works as a volunteer for search and rescue, at his church,  feeding the hopeless, and teaching kids the core values of football. He works every day of the week to support himself through college. He will be attending Cascade University in the fall.
Emily Stoneman is attending with her parents.  She captain of her cross country team, member of the schools loyalty club which creates service projects for the local community. She will be attending Montana State  University to study Animal Science.  She plans to make a difference.
Rotary Service above self – Educator of the year award.
Mike Navalinski  has been a committed helper to rotary in the scholarship  and student of the month program.  He has assisted rotary for 13 years.  As a career student advisor he encourages each student to come through the door. He is retiring this year.   Mike “thanks everyone for doing this for our schools…It is really important.. and it changes lives.” his partner, Joanne, will be an awesome replacement.
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