‘Virtual’ Rotary meeting Monday April 6, 2020, 6PM.
We met using James Nevers’s Zoom account, with 20 people in attendance:
James Nevers, Mike Hunter, Steve Shinstrom, John Pruitt, Stefan Landvogt, Amy Mutal, Pat Swenson, Margie Glenn, Rick Ostrander, John Woodbery, Monica Fratelli, Brandon Honcoop, Joanne Primavera, Dan Bartel, Patti Smith, Terry Cole, Rick Walter, Kristin Olson, Rich Bergdahl, Gary Cohn, Dave Aubry.
We discussed what type of scholarships to offer – more awards but smaller, or fewer awards with more dollars per award. We discussed doing face-to-face interviews vs. online/virtual interviews.  Ivar’s also gives $1000 scholarships [same as we do], but fewer in number than we do, and got a 3-page spread in a golf magazine.  What can we do to increase our profile in the community?  Rick Walter is donating a $1000 scholarship to help increase our impact!
Gary Cohn is looking at ways of increasing our community profile.  He wants information to put on a website and thereby increase our profile.
Gary also wants us to ensure that our email, photo, and personal information is up-to-date on the Club’s website.  Gary and Margie will chat on ways of assisting on membership issues.  The Club wants to reach out to members who have not joined these ‘virtual’ meetings to check on their well-being and to encourage them to participate in these meetings.
Amy Mutal gave an update on business activities in the City of Kirkland..  The City, and the region and state, is shut down.  We are all hoping for some loosening up in May that will allow some community activities. In June, we all hope that normal activities such as the Wednesday Market and the Wine Walk will proceed on schedule, followed by later summer events.
The next four weeks’ speakers are willing to go ‘virtual’ with us.
Several members shared information about how they are coping – amazing amounts of creativity.  This has been a good convivial get-together.
Everyone was encouraged to give a call to Club ‘shut-ins’ such as Bill Woods and George Anderson.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:10PM.
Respectfully Submitted
Dave Aubry, Acting Scribe.