Rotary Spokesman
Meeting Date: Monday, August 22, 2016
The meeting is called to order by President, Scott Becker at 6:30pm.  The flag salute is led by Scott Becker Tonight’s Greeter is: Mike Hunter Front desk: Rick Ostrander Inspirational Words: Donald Dicks 
Introduction of Visitors:
No Visitors

Club Announcements:




    • Duck Dash











    • Day of Race THANK YOU’s: Patti Smith, Steve & Patty Shinstrom, Joanna Primavera, John Pruitt, Jason Overleese, Amy & David Mutal, Bob Webb, John Woodbery, Mike Hunter, Scott Becker and Patty Doherty (Excuse me if I left anyone out).
      • Final accounting announced soon. Special Thanks goes to Joanna Primavera and Rick Walters for Our Duck Accounting!!!!!
      • Check out the Kirkland Rotary Website for the Duck Dash 2016 Winners – posted by Steve Shinstrom on Aug 15, 2016.
      • Check out the pictures taken by Patty Doherty on race day. They should be on the website soon.













    9/10 - Rotary First Harvest

    10/1 - Foundation Auction

    10/21 - Warm Coats

    11/5 - Bunco at Shinstroms

    11/12 - Tree House Work Party

    11/20 - Hopelink Turkey Trot 

    12/3 or 12/4 - Holiday Party

    12/5 - No meeting

    12/10 - Salvation Army Bell Ringing

    12/17 - Salvation Army Bell Ringing

    12/17 - Kids Christmas Breakfast / Party and Shopping

    4/21-23 2017 District Conf. Portland

    6/10-15 2017 Inter. Conf. Atlanta


    Program Topic: Jason Overleese showed a "TED Talk" on Introvert and Extraverts.


    Special Announcements: Hopelink 21st Annual Reaching Out Luncheon on Monday, October 24th Presents Mario Batali – Table Captain Packet.


    Happy Dollars: N/A

    Lucky Ticket Drawing: N/A


    The meeting was adjourned at 7:19pm                            Submitted by Scribe: Patty


    1. Salmon Bake Aug 15 (6-8pm) – Very Special THANK YOU to Bob & Gail Auslanders for hosting at their lovely home. Amy Mutal & David Mutal for all their planning and special salad table.
    2. Advertising with a Rotary 10 x 10 Tent and Banner. "Why Rotary" and communicate how we Support Kirkland Locally. Questions ask Scott Becker.
      • Rotary First Harvest Work Party





        • Northwest Harvest Kent Warehouse
        • Sep 10, 2016
          8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    3. Kids Christmas Breakfast / Party and Shopping – December 17 (8:30 am) – NOTE NEW COMMITTEE MTG – 8/29 at 5:30 in Woodmark Lounge area. Contact Terry Cole (Co-Chair) w/ Joanna Primavera (Chairman)



        • We will be taking a group of disadvantaged children (ideally 40-50) shopping for the Holidays.  The plan is to meet the morning of December 17 (Peter Kirk Community Center?), give the kids and their caregivers breakfast, then take them shopping for clothes and toys.  Each child will have a spending budget (150) and a Rotary buddy to accompany them.  Afterwards, we will all re-convene for pictures with Santa.



      1. Kirkland Rotary and Oktoberfest (Dave DeBois) – Check for Dave’s email












          • Our Kirkland Rotary group is going to volunteer Saturday September 24th, 2016 at 8:00pm-11pm
          • Our job - pour beer for the patrons of Oktoberfest
          • The need - we are looking for 8 volunteers (actually 7 as I am going to be there).
          • Several of us did this shift last year and it is so much fun. 
          • Where - Marina Park.
          • Put your name in early, because I believe these volunteer slots will fill in quickly.  We will also get customized t-shirts for the participants.



      1. John Muir Elementary Reading Buddies Program

      2. Operation Warm Coats

      3. Hopelink

      Pantry Packs

      Provide a team to walk in Hopelink’s Turkey Trot – November 20

      Have a food drive in January

      4. Friends of Youth – Located at 13111 NE 132nd St., Kirkland, WA

      Fill a table for the Friends of Youth Luncheon – become a sponsor for the Luncheon


      5. Christmas Party for kids – December 17 8:30 a.m.


      6. Kirkland Teen Union Building

      Serve dinner once every other month on a Friday night to the homeless teens


      7. Northwest Harvest Warehouse Second Saturday - Next, Sept. 10

      8. Tree House warehouse event – November 12

      9. Thanksgiving Baskets for John Muir families

      10. Bell Ringing for Salvation Army- December 10

      11. Miracle League April/May/June



      1. 2016-17 Rotary Club of Kirkland Community Service Projectscheck with Joanna Primavera to sign up for the following projects:
      2. Mark your Calendars - Thanks Joanna Primavera for the calendar