Rotary Minutes 8-29-16
President-Elect Steve Shinstrom called the meeting to order at 6:31pm and graciously thanked John Pruitt for scribing, Patty Doherty for greeting, and Rick Walter for handling the front desk.
*** EDITOR's NOTE...  I want to thank all of you for the kind words when hearing about the passing of my father this past Saturday.  For those that knew Dick we will be having a celebration of his life at Inglewood Golf & CC at 2:00pm on Friday the 16th of September.  Golf/Country Club attire is preferred as that is the way he would have wanted it!!!. ***
Rick Ostrander led the Pledge of Allegiance and Ernie Norehad gave a fine inspirational minute about “Freedom is a rare and delicate thing.”
Guests included visiting Rotarians Maurice Kvit, and other special guests Jodi Long [guest of Amy and David Mutal], Roberta Lyon [spouse of the speaker] and Gail Auslander [spouse of Bob Auslander]
  • Scribe signup list was distributed.  Thank you for signing up for scribe and greeter.
  • Details about the holiday party for needy kids was announced.
    • Dan Bartel and Terry Cole are co-chairs.
    • Date:  December 17th [Saturday] from 7:00am until 11:00am.  Please mark this event on your calendar!
    • Location:  Peter Kirk Community Center, 352 Kirkland Avenue, Kirkland.  Also Fred Meyer at Totem Lake. 
    • Harry Wagoner and Dave DeBois are in charge of finding families for the event.  We will probably host about 40 kids.
    • Patti Smith is in charge of breakfast.
    • Dan Bartel will be Santa Claus.
    • Amy Mutal is in charge of holiday picture.
    • OPEN – Recruiting volunteers for set-up, breakfast servers, gift wrappers, entertainment, etc.
    • OPEN – Recruiting Rotary Buddies for shopping – Note that the budget is $150/a child; Fred Meyer will be giving us a 10%+ discount. 
    • Special thanks to Bob Auslander for funding much of the project and Terry Cole for initiating it.
  • Amy Mutal announced the Tech City Bowl social event to be held September 16th, from 6pm to 8pm.  Price for pizza, beverage and bowling is $40, or $20 for just pizza and a beverage.  Amy will be sending out an email about the event.
  • Rick Walter announced the September 12th “hit the duck” Rotary promotion.  The event is a Chamber of Commerce golf event to be held at the Bear Creek Country Club.  Contact Rick for more details and to sign up to help. 
  • Rick also shared an article on our club in the 425 Magazine.  Send Rotary event pictures and stories to Rick to get published in the magazine
  • Dave DeBois needs a few more volunteers to serve beer at the September 24th Octoberfest.  This is a fun event that promotes Rotary in the community.
  • No meeting on Labor Day, September 5, 2016.
From Blue to Red Badge:  Patty Doherty fulfilled all of the requirements to move from a red to a blue badge.  Amy Mutal awarded Patty her Blue Badge and recognized her sponsor Rich Bergdahl and mentor Joanne Primavera.  Amy challenged Patty to bring in a potential new member in the next 3 months.
Program:  Jason Overleese introduced Kenneth D. Lyon, Ph.D. and Byron Stander…Anti-Bully Man speaking on Bullying Prevention and Intervention.  Ken Lyon is a 45-year veteran of the educational system serving as a Principal for 15 years, and 10 years as a central office administrator in the Lake Washington School District.  He has created an anti-bullying program for schools that is relevant to anybody with kids and grandkids.
Dr. Lyon has trained students and staff about bullying prevention and intervention to raise awareness about the harmful effect of bullying and to help schools establish cultures that are more compassionate, communicative and understanding of student differences.  Byron Stander, a modern Super Hero, encourages bystanders to take action to stop bullying once and for all. 
Byron’s watch-words are:  “Stop it. Be nice. Use your mind, and be kind.”
Thought for the week:  President-Elect Steve reminded us:  Be with the ones you love!
Adjournment:  President-Elect Steve adjourned the meeting at 7:31p. 
Submitted by cub reporter for the night, John Pruitt