Posted by Terri Ebert on Aug 05, 2019
Kirkland Rotary
Monday, August 5, 2019 Weekly Meeting Notes
Scribe: Terri Ebert
The meeting was called to order by President, John Woodbery at 6:40 pm. The flag salute was led by Terry Cole.
The inspiration moment was introduced by John Woodbery. The topic was about the blind girl and her boyfriend. The girl was very grateful and had a wonderful boyfriend who loved her dearly. The girl said that if she could have 1 thing, she would like the ability to see. One miraculous day eyes were donated to the girl and she could then see. She was so happy yet then noted that her boyfriend was blind. She said that she wanted someone in her life that could see; so, the girl broke up with the boyfriend. Later the former boyfriend sent the girl a letter wishing her well and noted that he was very glad he could donate his eyes to her so she could see. Service above self.
There were no visitors present at the meeting beyond the speaker.
Club announcements:
  • James Nevers provided an update to the 2019 Duck Dash. With sponsorships, donations and ticket sales we grossed $26,000. The use of the Square allowed about $3,000 in sales. There was a great turn out for the set-up, we shortened the course and many Rotarians were present on race day to sell tickets. Thank you! More statistics are coming. There is a cost of about $10,000 plus prizes. We note that Kirkland Rotary has hosted the Duck Dash for 22 years.
  • Rick Walters took the podium to recognize Dave Aubry as 2018-2019 Rotarian of the Year.
  • Amy Mutal updated the group that the Club Service committee is in planning stages. August 26th is the Salmon Bake; September 16th is the picnic; Bunco in November; December 9th is the Holiday Party.
  • Dave Aubry reminded everyone that September 30th is the annual auction at St. John’s Church in Kirkland. The Cross-Kirkland-Corridor had a big win with a $6,000 grant from For Culture. In late summer, early fall, please be ready to volunteer the next bit of work. The Kirkland City Council voted for additional money to be given on behalf of the CKC.
New Member Talk: Kristin Olson gave her new member talk and share with the membership her love of Mexico, the Rotary Club at her 2nd home in Mexico and the giving back they have done in the past year. Kristin had an esteemed career as a lawyer and currently resides in Kirkland.
Program Speaker: The Honorable Faith Ireland spoke about Washington State’s legislative system. Faith was born in Seattle and raised in Burien. She attended the University of Washing and worked/volunteered with WA State’s Legislature during school. Faith spoke about the separation of power, the revolving door of habitual offenders and took several questions from the membership. 
The meeting adjourned aby 7:50 pm
Terri Eber