Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, February 25, 2019 Meeting
President Rick Walter called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Tricia Stromberg led us in the Pledge. 
Georgina Enciso, Student of the Month from Juanita High School
Karl Behnky, Seattle #4
Oscar Awards
President Rick awarded “Oscars” to Amy Mutal, Patti Smith, and David Mutal as winners of the “Who’s Going to Win an Oscar” contest.  Amy picked 17 of the winners, Patti and David tied at 16 but Patti guessed the correct Best Movie winner “Green Book” so took second place.
Rotarian of the Month
President Rick honored David Mutal as the December Rotarian of the Month for his work in organizing the Holiday Party for families.  David of course, thanked all the people who made the event go smoothly, from shopping at Fred Meyer, to breakfast, wrapping, and Santa Dan.  Thanks David, and thanks to all who made this event a success!
Paul Harris Honor
Dave Aubry awarded Brandon Honcoop a +4 Paul Harris pin for his continuing contributions to furthering the goals of Rotary International.  Thanks Brandon!
  • Joanne Primavera thanked John Woodbery, who has resigned from the Foundation Board to be our President next year.  Joanne and David Aubry are the remaining Foundation Board members. Our annual Auction for the Foundation is set for September 30th, which is a Monday evening, and it will be held at the same Church as last year.
  • Amy Mutal updated us on “Sweetheart Night,” which was cancelled earlier this month due to snow.  Now the big date is Monday, March 18th.  Everyone is welcome and if you have pictures or mementos relating to being a “Sweetheart,” pass them along to Amy.
  • Patty Sims told us Saturday, April 27th will be the first Miracle League game.  The games will last for six weeks on subsequent Saturdays, except for Memorial Day weekend.  Let Patty know if your company would like to team up and be “Buddies” for a game.  We need plenty of volunteers for the 25 or so children who want to play ball.
  • James Nevers is excited about our upcoming Duck Dash.  The date for the big race is set for Sunday, July 28th at 2:00 PM, as part of the Summerfest week-end at Marina Park.  We have a new Duck costume, and some small people are needed as volunteers to wear it to the July 4th Parade and other events.  Sponsors are always appreciated to fund the event, so think about donating this year!
  • Elizabeth Rusnak announced Scholarship night on either April 22 or 29.  Interviews at the various schools will be required prior to the special evening so plan to help interview students if you can.
  • Steve Shinstrom jumped up and told us that Bunco will be Saturday evening, April 20th at his home.  The theme is “IRS Night,” to help us recover from paying our taxes!
  • Mike Hunter explained that Saturday, March 9th is our next Rotary First Harvest workday (9:00 to 11:30 AM) at Northwest Harvest in Kent.  Meet at 8:00 AM at the Houghton Park & Ride if you want to carpool.  Let Dan Bartel know if you’re coming and enjoy lunch afterwards with our Club members.
Happy Dollars
Terri Ebert extracted a lot of Happy Dollars from Club members.  Some members were happy they had left for warmer climates during our heavy snow period.  Unfortunately, Bob & Gail Auslander arrived from Scottsdale just in time for the snow!  We had great news from Rick Ostrander and Scott Becker’s daughter is an international cheerleading winner!
Scott Becker introduced Kathy Fleming and Carol Ryan from Attain Housing.  Attain Housing has been in our area for 30 years (previously under a different name) and their goal is to provide transitional housing for the homeless.  In 2018 a total of 46 families were sheltered in Attain Housing’s 33 apartments in our community.
Counselor’s help these families transition to stable housing and safe environments for families. In 2018 a total of 91% of the families moved to permanent housing.
Attain Housing has many volunteer opportunities where you can help:  Cooking dinners; Helping with the “7 Hills of Kirkland” annual bike ride; Holiday programs; etc.
Thanks Kathy and Carol for updating us on your important work in our community!
Joker Pool
David Mutal won the drawing but, alas, didn’t draw the Joker.
President Rick adjourned the meeting at 7:35 PM.
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Scribe for the Week