6:30 Meeting Open

James Nevers led the pledge

July 11th Meeting will be at the new pavilion on Waverly Beach Park to celebrate the Legacy Project

Rick Walters, inspirational moment with history of Service Above Self

Rich Bergdahl apparently doesn’t prepare, he prefers to fly by the seat of his pants and do things off the cuff.

Guests (correct misspellings if I got them wrong)
  • Bill Taylor brought his wife Sandy
  • Gary Bruner brought his wife Ingrid
  • Richard Jameson, past president and present member of Tacoma Rotary
  • John Pruett brought his wife Janet
  • Dan Bartell brought his wife Wilma
  • Sreedhar, founding member of Rotary of Chennai Upscale. Here to establish twin club upgrade.
  • Past President Rachel Knight
  • Forrester “Bo” Darling, from the Mercer Island club future district president
  • Bob brought Gail
  • Amy Mutal brought Anne Hess and Jodi
  • John Woodbury brought Dee
  • Jason Overleese brought his mother Teddy Overleese
  • Joanne Wagoner
  • Bob Webb brought Helga “Betty”
  • Rick Walter brought Stephanie
  • Harry Wagner brought his wife Misoszi
  • Scott Becker brought his daughter Annie
  • Brandon Honcoop brought his wife Becca
  • Joanne Wright
  • Sandra Ekins, former president of Kirkland Rotary Club in ‘92
  • Rick Ostrander brought his wife Peggy
  • Bob Norman brought his wife Carolyn
  • James Nevers brought his wife Jessica
  • Steve Shinstrom brought his wife Patty
  • Lexi Martinez, Rich’s step-daughter
  • Jodie Marx, Rich’s mother in law
  • Carol, Rich’s sister in law
  • Loretta, Rich’s mother
  • Nan, Rich’s wife
  • Tyson Harriot and Sara Degler
  • … done with guests at 6:58
  • Bob Webb, July 4th, no meeting. Help out with the 4th of July Parade.
  • Steve Shinstrom
    • 4th of July Parade, we need more people to walk in the parade
    • We need someone to be the big duck
  • Ben Premack
    • RFH work party on July 9th
    • Be there or be square
  • Amy Mutal
    • Anne Hess from Kirkland Living donated the Duck Dash ad in the magazine
  • Bob Webb
    • Ticket sales venues, we need people to sign up. Check your tables or email. We’ve had good results at the Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, QFC Park Place, and QFC Totem Lake
    • In each of the baskets Joanne Primavera did a circular about what is Kirkland Rotary
  • Bob Norman
    • Exchange student, something we used to do but have not recently. Update on a Zimbabwean student from 30 years ago named Marty Lieberman. He stayed with the Normans for seven months.
    • He has since moved to Irvine, California
    • Two weeks ago he visited his son’s graduation from the University of Washington
Rich Bergdahl’s outgoing speech
  • Rich loves John Pruett and his organizational skills and wants to thank the Club for a wonderful year
    • James Nevers, scholarships
      • Mike Hunter and Elizabeth Rusnak
    • Patti Smith, Rotary pavilion in Waverly Beach Park
    • Ben Premack, Rotary First Harvest
    • Dave DeBois, for being a nice Canadian and organizing events over the year
    • Jason Overleese, programs
    • Pat Swenson, Reading Buddies
    • Rick Ostrander, warm coats
    • Patty Sims, Neal Johnson, Miracle League
    • Joanne Primavera, John Woodbery, David Aubrey, Ben Premack, Rotary Foundation donations
    • Rick Walter, front desk and treasurer and de facto sgt at arms, golf tournament
    • Scott Becker
    • Scott Rethke, events at Chainline brewery
    • Terry Cole, friends of youth
    • A number of Rotarians for running meetings in his stead
    • Diana Lanspa, for always being here
    • New members
      • Amy and David Mutal
      • Patty Douherty
    • The kitchen cabinet
    • Rich’s family
Steve Shinstrom, thank you Rich for your service
Rotarian of the Year, Rick Walter
Scott Becker, incoming President. Thank you to Rich.
  • Past Presidents Passing the Gavel
  • Incoming board
  • Presidential Citation is our goal
    • Membership is the challenge; every member should bring one guest every year. You’ll get an “I shared Rotary” pin.
    • Influence media to cover Rotary, everyone needs to talk about the club
    • Coordinate with the Downtown Club to participate in joint projects. Tom Ryan is the new President and he wants to work together.
    • Everyone in the club needs a job. Committee participation.
    • Club fellowship must be alive and active.
    • Focus on community service, give time and resources
    • Look for a significant international project that we can all support
Meeting Adjourned at 7:56