Posted by Rick Walter on Jul 27, 2018
July 23rd meeting at the Woodmark Hotel
James Nevers – filling in for the injured Rick Walter opened the meeting and after the pledge of allegiance – thanked Terri for greeting and running the joker pool – thanked John Pruitt for front desk duties – and Rick Walter for scribing.
Many guests were introduced – including Michael and Angela in town from Florida to see Tricia and Russ Stromberg – Darcia Tudor visiting us again – Stephanie Walter providing care assistance for Rick.
We also had a visiting Rotarian join us – and a current member who has been absent for a while – Gary Brunner – who kept us up to date on his life outside of Kirkland.
The Board voted on the very first “Rotarian of the Month” award Joanne Primavera presented it to Ambareen Jaddi for all her excellent work on projects and enthusiasm since joining.
James introduced our Speaker – Kevin Mashek – Kevin has been a longtime friend of the current president and has in recent years involved himself and his company with Kirkland.
Kevin is the CEO of Dynamic Harvest – one of the largest pot growing operations in WA state. However, for the first 15 minutes, Kevin shared with us his early years as the road manager for the band Styx.  That was quite the adventure right out of college.
Then he shared his story of marijuana and Washington state and how he became involved – what his business does and does not do. The future of this business and all the peripheral businesses that have grown out of this industry.
We had to cut the questions short as everyone wanted to know something – of course, all were disappointed that no samples were brought (against the rules).
No one won the joker pool and it continues to grow –
Meeting was adjourned.