Meeting Date: Monday, July 25, 2016
The meeting is called to order by President, Scott Becker at 6:30pm.  The flag salute is led by Joanna Primavera.  Tonight’s Greeter is: Patty Doherty. Front desk: Rich Bergdahl   Inspirational Words: Scott Becker – Quote by Author of Animal House.
Introduction of Visitors:
Visiting Rotarians:  Alex Hopkins – District Governor 2017-2018 – Woodinville and his wife Julia
Club Announcements:
  1. District Rotary: Announcement by Alex Hopkins – District Governor 2017-2018
  • Alex spoke about the NEW Rotary Academy that is the inside out of the Rotary Organization.  It is online: 8 lessons and emails.  For more information or to receive the Rotary Academy Registration Form 2016-2017 - Email Alex @ It can also be found on the District Rotary website.
  • District Rotary Picnic on Mercer Island Sunday, August 28, 10-2:30.  We’re having it at Aubry Davis Park. If you have questions, please contact Alex Hopkins, District 5030 DGE, Woodinville Rotary Club (425) 298-0768 or (425) 492-0104 (cell).
  1. Friends of Youth
  • Joanna Primavera spoke on the “Friends of Youth” and gave out flyers for the New Ground Friends and Family Picnic on Sunday, August 7th at 3:00pm.  RSVP to  Contact Joanne for more information.
  1. Duck Dash
    • Bob Webb said the Patti Smith had send him an email – ASKING for Duck Dash for QFC this coming up weekend.  Bob had additional tickets to sign out if needed.
    • Patti would be sending out the sign-up sheet by email this week.
    • 2016 Duck Dash Teams (Team 2) is ahead with $2,925 in Sales.  Next week the new update sheet will be available.
  • Duck Branding Party – Aug 8th
  • Joanne gave out NEW Pre-printed envelops for Duck Dash Money Collection with instructions on how to put money and tickets in numerical order.
  1. Salmon Bake – Aug 15 (6-8pm) @ Bob & Gail Auslanders.  Look for Amy Mutal’s email.
Program Topic:
Scott Becker showed a video by Satya Mitra about his experience Recruiting Rotary New Members   -  From “Pacific NW Pets”
Special Announcements: N/A
Happy Dollars: N/A
Lucky Ticket Drawing: N/A
The meeting was adjourned at 7:35pm                            Submitted by Scribe: Patty