Posted by Mike Hunter on Jun 19, 2019
Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, June 17, 2019 Meeting
President Rick Walter called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Patty Doherty led us in the Pledge. 
Cheryl Guenther from Jefferson House
Thomas Abraham, guest of the speaker
Kathy Dryden, John Muir Elementary
  • Bill Woods attended the Old Timers’ meeting last week and we hope he will join us for our Transition Dinner next week
  • Joanne Primavera related how wonderful the parade of flags was at the International Convention in Hamburg, Germany; 132 countries were represented by the flags.  Next year’s convention will be in Hawaii, then Taiwan in two years.
  • Thanks to Joe Getzendanner, the District has contributed $1,825.12 towards our Warm Coats fund this fall.
  • The Cross Kirkland Railroad Project has gained momentum and the City may contribute another $50,000 to add to our $35,000 to build a bigger gazebo.  We’re also asking the District for $5,000 for two picnic tables.  Many thanks to Dave Aubry for his efforts on this project.
  • Chain Line Brewery won awards at the latest tasting contest!
  • James Nevers had signups for selling Duck Adoptions at QFC and the Wednesday Market. Square card readers are now available to take credit cards, even $5.00 Adoptions.  See James for details.
Special Honors
Elizabeth Rusnak recognized a very special person, Kathy Dryden of John Muir Elementary.Kathy has been our Rotary Club’s partner in multiple community service projects we have done for the school.
Kathy has been with John Muir Elementary since 2000. She obtained her master’s in counseling in 1994.Prior to becoming the school’s full-time counselor, Kathy was a classroom teacher for 10-years and a PE teacher for 5-years. As school counselor for John Muir, Kathy has worked with low-income families at the school to ensure their children are not forgotten.She has been instrumental in identifying students and their families to be recipients of multiple Rotary Programs, including, Warm Coats, Shoes for School, Thanksgiving Baskets, Christmas baskets and our Children’s Christmas Breakfast event. She was also the key facilitator in the Reading Buddies Program when it first started. Kathy is retiring this year, and we did not want to miss the opportunity to thank her for all the wonderful work she has done for the school and their families.
Kathy thanked our Club for all we’ve done to help the students at John Muir.
Congratulations, Kathy Dryden, for being a true Rotary Partner!
Red to Blue
President Rick presented Jim Meniketti with his Blue Badge.  Congratulations, Jim!
Amy Huggins from the Vashon Rotary Club told about the Music Mends Minds program that helps people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease through music.  This 501(c)(3) non-profit started in California in 2014, has spread across the country, and is supported by our District.  Amy’s Club on Vashon meets at the Senior Center every Tuesday to sing songs and are assisted by local musicians. Alzheimer’s has been called the “Silver Tsunami” because it kills 1 in 3 seniors and costs our economy millions of dollars a year. 
Thanks, Amy, for an informative and interesting program!
President Rick informed us the Transition Dinner next week will be in the large outside tent.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Scribe for the Week