Posted by Mike Hunter on Jun 05, 2017
President –Elect (PE) Steve Shinstrom called the June 5th 2017 Rotary Club of Kirkland meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Rich Bergdahl led us in the Pledge.
Sandy Rose (Guest of John Woodbery)
Dee Woodbery
Doug Seto, Seattle Four (Honorary Kirkland Rotary member)
Kemper Freeman from the Bellevue Club (52 years of Perfect Attendance)
  • Miracle League’s final game of the season was last Saturday.  Patty Sims thanked everyone in the Club who helped support the effort this year.  The Morning Club put on the BBQ on Saturday.  The Club thanked Patty for her years of service to Miracle League.
  • Duck Dash Kick Off will be next Monday evening at the Woodmark according to Rick Walter. Sponsors are invited and this year’s adoption tickets will be available.  Safeway sent us a sponsor check! (Thanks, Safeway!) Rick will have special t-shirts for those at the July 4th Parade so please get involved in this exciting event.
  • The Woodmark has extended parking hours for the summer.  Steve Shinstrom will send out an email letting us know about other parking available at Carillon Point.
Upcoming Dates
PE Steve announced the following dates:
July 3 - No Meeting
July 17 – Picnic at Everest Park
July 18 – Willows 3-par golf put on by the Morning Club.  Get your foursome together for a great time of fellowship.  PE Steve sent an email with all the details.
July 26 – Transition Dinner
August 21 - Salmon Bake at Auslanders
Happy Dollars
Rick Walter extracted a goodly sum from our generous members.  There is a lot of happiness in our Club!
John Woodbery introduced Gabriella “Gabby” Wright.  Gabby was an exchange student from Woodinville Rotary 10 years ago and traveled to Ecuador.  She noticed right away that the coffee was not up to our standards here in the U.S. and through her curiosity has become an expert on coffee.  Her newest position is the head of coffee operations in Australia.  Gabby definitely found her passion in coffee!
Thanks, Gabby, for an enlightening and informative program of your life and the world of coffee.
PE Steve adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Scribe for the Week