March 30, 2020 - First on-line meeting of the Rotary Club of Kirkland.
The meeting began at 6PM, as arranged by James Nevers, using his Zoom account.
Attending were – James Nevers, Rick Walter, Stefan Landvogt, Bill Taylor, Patty Sims, John Pruitt, Joanne Primavera, Amy Mutal, David Mutal, George Anderson, Rich Bergdahl, Mike Hunter, Brandon Honcoop, John Woodbery, Terry Cole, Steve Shinstrom, Margie Glenn, Patti Smith.
Let me know if I missed anyone.
It took a few minutes to get everyone’s video and audio feeds working properly, but soon everyone was fully on board. 
We will probably continue with virtual meetings until the requirement for social distancing is lifted. 
Apparently, no Club member has the virus; 2-3 members know someone who has the bug, possibly including one death.
Discussed ramifications of the situation for businesses, and discussed the qualifications required in order to receive potential Federal stimulus money.  Mandatory IRA withdrawals are suspended.  If you have already taken a mandatory withdrawal, you may be able to return the money to your account. 
Discussed the out-of-pocket cost to the Club of not staging the Duck Dash this year.
We took a quick break to refill our wine glasses – almost everyone did seem to have one.
Patti Sims said that Miracle League is still on a wait-and-see basis while we monitor social distancing requirements and the availability of near-by ball parks and schools.
Several members recounted their experiences over the past couple of weeks.
We will have another on-line meeting next week, at 6:30.  Committees can give their reports.
Respectfully Submitted
David Aubry
Acting Scribe