Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, May 1, 2017 Meeting
President –Elect (PE) Steve Shinstrom called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  James Nevers led us in the Pledge.
PE Steve explained that he is a late stand in for President Scott Becker.
Russ and Tricia Stromberg
Michael Maher, spouse of our speaker
  • Miracle League was a fun event last Saturday.  We need a pitcher for this coming Saturday since Harry cannot attend.  The next game will be this Saturday at 10:30 AM at Perrigo Park in Redmond.
  • James Nevers announced Scholarship night next week, May 8.  Please attend to support the 10 students and families/friends that will be there.
  • Rick Walter said Duck Dash is coming along with some more sponsors signed up.  The July 4th Parade requires lots of volunteers so sign up when the time comes.
New Members
PE Steve Shinstrom inducted Russ and Tricia Stromberg into the Club.  Joanne Primavera is their sponsor. 
Tricia said they moved to Kirkland in 1990 and she retired from Boeing in 2004. A friend in Portland always talked about Rotary, so they want to get involved and help the community.  They do a lot with veterans with a “Boots to Shoes” Foundation that helps veterans transition back to the working world.  They currently serve 500 veterans with 200 business volunteers to help them.
Russ was a Marine pilot and now he works with 75 others around the country in defense issues.  He said they want to be more involved in community service.
Jason Overleese introduced Andra Watkins, a twenty-year Rotarian and a writer of several bestselling books.  She gave us an enthusiastic rendition of her hike on the Natchez Trace, a 444-mile trek through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, ending in Nashville.  Her parting wish is that each of us create memories with someone.  Do not wait until “tomorrow,” plan and do something right away before it is too late.
Thanks, Andra, for a wonderful program!
PE Steve adjourned the meeting at 7:20 PM
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Last Minute Scribe for the Week