Posted by Harry Wagoner on Nov 14, 2017
Scribe for 11-13 Kirkland Rotary

1.  Pledge led by Brandon

 2.  Inspirational moment:  Lead by Rich Bergdahl

3.  Scribe : Harry Wagoner

4. Guests : Mattie Vuortez. She is working on College applications.

5. Joe Gestendanner.  Benefits specialist in Redmond & another guest Monica Fratita.  Both visiting for the first time.

6. Next Monday : Dub Pub Seattle Seahawks Party

7. Christmas Party : Dec 11th. Lilac CafĂ©.  6:00pm  and cost is $50 per person

8. Dec 16th. Rotary Gift wrapping and Christmas shopping at Fred Meyer for the kids.  Breakfast, Santa and wrapping.  35 kids. 

9.  Don Dicks and Rich Bergdahl:  Present:  Polo Plus month.  Gates 2 to 1 match
Paul Harris Award Winners.  Russ & Tricia Stromberg were awarded first time pins and award certificates.  Gale Auslander will receive her pin & certificate when she is back in December 
10. Happy Dollars :
By Rick Walter.....  Dollars for bunko, 1st grandchild through running start program.. Studio East Galla dinner. sons soccer team 10 & 0.  Garth Brooks concert...Birthday celebration w big brother & our Student of the month... flag football season..  Oklahoma Sooners... St. Bernard's training and one step closer to hospital visits.   Bears, Helena, Napa, Caribbean & Brian won $210 & Joe our visitor.   Safety training and USC.  Jubilee Reached raised 1.1 million.  Bunco party and Most improved.
11. Jason introduced Mark Davis:  Senior VP for A Davidson. 30 year Seattle Rotarian   Perfect attendance. A.  SMP up by 14%. B. Dow Jones up 24%. C. Bonds are dipping. D.  Drop Tax Rates. E. We are in a distribution economy. F. Uber will go public 30 million           G. Amazon 47% increase year over year. H. Media companies own no content. Aka Facebook which is up 56%. I. Netflix owns no cinemas up 59%. J.  Apple & Google up 47%.  Information source. K.  We don't have a high tax rate. Denmark & Sweden lead the pack & and USA is 23% tax rate.... Not high. L. Federal Reserve rate will double. M. US economy is 25% of the worlds economy as a wrap up!   Think about dividend growth STOCKS!!!  Stay invested!   600LBs of food  donated on Marks behalf

12. Terri to do joker pull.  Don Dicks. Drew a $10 bucks

13. Steve thanks everyone and go to dub pub next week!!