Rotary Meeting October 22, 2018  
Stand in for Rick Walter, John Woodbery 
Meeting stated at 6:35 pm 
Scribe Amy Mutal 
Greeter Terri Ebert  
Guests: Alan Merry Governor District 5030 
Chelsea Tripp Asst. Governor  
Pledge-George Anderson  
  • Amy Holiday Party date moved to December 3rd at The Heathman 
  • Brandon - leftover platters & bowls from Salmon Bake claim if yours  
  • Rick O. - Happy Dollars for KPC in honor of Bill Woods 
Further Donations for KPC in honor of Bill Woods, please get to Rick Ostrander
District Governor Alan Merry Program : 
Question: In 5 years “what do you want to be when you grown up?” 
Alan’s answer: Wants to be remembered as a Rotarian  
Turns to Four-way test in life to make difficult decisions 
Rotary Survey- Why people join 
  1. Build friendships 
  1. Local community impact 
  1. Networking. Rotarians love to work with Rotarians 
    Goal 3000 members by June 30, 2019 
    100% all club's participation in Rotary International Foundation   
    Current mission: “Be the inspiration” 
    5030 theme “Come Together” 
    Conference Spokane May 16-19, 2019 
    First time – joint District 5030 and 5080 
    $249 for Rotarians, $169 for youth 
    Asked our club: “What is your passion?” 
    Answer: Kids and Community 
    John Presented Alan with Duck & NW Harvest donation 
    John closed with a Ben Franklin quote  
    Meeting adjourned 7:05 pm