Posted by John Woodbery on Oct 28, 2019
The meeting started at 6:30 PM at the Woodmark, called to order by President John Woodbery. 
Dave DeBois led us in the flag salute. 
A poem by Edgar Allen Guest, "It Couldn't Be Done  but he did it" was read by President Woodbery as an inspiration for us all to tackle even the hardest tasks with enthusiasm. 
Visitors were then introduced, including our Student of the Month Caroline Squires and her parents.
Announcements were:
  • Bill Woods "Turning 94" celebration at Kirkland Performance Center 10/29
  • No meeting on 11/11 due to Veterans Day
  • Board meeting at Amy Mutal's office 11/13 at 5:30 PM
  • Bunco that was scheduled at Shinstroms has been postponed due to scheduling conflict.  More to follow on new date.   
  • Brian Tucker announced progress on the Ethiopian Library project. 
  • Dave Aubry will head volunteers planting shrubbery at the legacy site Saturday at 1:)) PM
  • Pat Swenson brought a report on Reading Buddies.  Patty Shinstrom will be taking over the program and more to follow as there is a new Principal and 2nd year Librarian at John Muir.  
Upcoming speakers: Rebecca Weaver, business counseling in the work place 11/4; Dist. Gov. Bill McElroy 11/18
Caroline Squires presented her presentation on her experience as Student of the Month for October, her activities at school and community and her plans for life.  A certificate and racing duck were presented.
Happy dollars joyfully collected by Rick Walter
Debbie Dixon, life coach and yoga instructor presented that from an early life of abuse, drugs, extreme dysfunction and as a single mom at age 17 she discovered yoga and began to heal.  She has authored her book, "A Path to Freedom" and 15 years ago opened a life coaching studio to help others. She has been able to help remedy for some from what she calls a  widespread problem of dysfunction of people due to depression and anxiety.  She discovered she could help people decompress with finding the solution inside themselves and not outside. She discovered that low energy is a big part of the problem and deep breathing and meditation will help bring joy in her subjects lives.Although the program went on a bit long,  it was enjoyed by the audience as evidenced by the question and answer exchanges.
The meeting was adjourned, a little late, at 8:00 PM.
John Woodbery, Scribe