Posted by David Aubry on Oct 09, 2017
Rotary Meeting Minutes October 9, 2017
The meeting was called to order by President Steve Shinstrom at 6:30PM. 
Brandon Honcoop led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Ernie Norehad had some words of wisdom for us regarding revenge and the damage it does to the revenge-seeker.  He followed this with another patented amusing story.
Visitors and Introductions:
John Woodbery introduced the wife of our speaker Angela McBride and her friend Carin Moore, who also happens to be John’s daughter.  Brandon Honcoop introduced Mark Friedrich and Dave Aubry introduced Sam Douglas, back for another visit.  Elizabeth Rusnak introduced Ed Fisher, who has been proposed for membership.
  • President Steve reminded us of our event at the ‘Dub Pub’ at 116th and 124th, with the Kirkland morning Rotary Club, on Oct 30.  It is a social event, a food-collection event, and an inter-Club event.  We are competing with the morning Club to collect the most food by weight. 
  • President Steve also reminded us of Rotary First Harvest starting at 8:30AM in Kent, Saturday Oct 14.  ***** UPDATE  Cancelled due to too many volunteers and exceeded fire code.  They asked us to postpone*****
  • John Pruitt reminded us that Warm Coats is approaching on Friday Oct 20th at John Muir Elementary, starting at 10AM and ending about noon.
  • Pat Swenson announced the start of another session of ‘Reading Buddies’ the first week of November at John Muir Elementary.  Sessions are six weeks each, and one can sign up for as many or as few as one wants.  Contact Pat to sign up.
  •  Dave Mutal reminded us to sign up for the Christmas ‘Shopping Party’ December 16, for low-income families.
  • Bunco in November at the Shinstroms.
Amy Mutal presided over the transition of Russ and Tricia Stromberg from Red-to-Blue, while giving a brief description of the process and its importance in assisting new members to integrate into the Club .  They were quick!
John Woodbery introduced our speaker, Tom McBride, a lobbyist in Olympia.  He is an attorney who has been involved in government processes for many years.
Mr. McBride spoke about different types of lobbyists.  He has considerable experience in the lobbying process.  He opened his own firm in 2008 after a number of years working for various companies and groups as a lobbyist in Olympia.
He discussed the definition and process of lobbying – attempting to influence the process of legislation and/or government.
Only about 17% of bills introduced in the legislature make it into law.
Professional lobbyists must register as such and report to the Public Disclosure Commission as to who their clients are, how much money they have spent on lobbying, and with whom in government did they spend it.
There were many questions from the audience on various aspects of lobbying. 
We thanked our speaker for an informative talk on a little-understood subject.
Dave Aubry announced that he would be speaking next week in order to generate support and enthusiasm for a potential Club Legacy Project.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:35PM
Respectfully Submitted
Acting Scribe - David Aubry