Posted by Scott Becker on Sep 27, 2017

President Steve called the meeting to order at 6:30 and introductions were made all around.

Sandra and Ed Fisher were there for their 3rd time, Former Kirkland Rotary President GG Getz is visiting from Atlanta, Don Dicks introduced the love of his life, Merrily, Ed and Lorraine Doyne, Megan Nakanishi introduced her Fiancé, Andy Starks and Mark Friedrich were also guests.

The following announcements were made:

As part of Steve’s agenda to keep Rotary fun he’s arranged for us to meet with the Downtown Club, October 30th, at the Dub Pub in Totem Lake. Dub Pub is owned by Athina Mangouras and has games Beer and 72 TV’s so we can eat and watch Monday Night Football. There will also be a can food drive competition between the two clubs so the club that donates the most weight of food, wins!

David Aubrey announced the Foundation Auction and dinner will be held October 14th at the Kirkland Women’s Club. Please be thinking of things you may have stopped using and can donate or things you might procure that can be auctioned off to benefit the club’s foundation. And the Bruner’s will be making their Legendary Spaghetti.

Brian Tucker announced that the Woodinville club will be holding its annual 0-K in October. Make sure you’re in shape-for drinking beer after jumping over the finish line.

Patty Dougherty announced a disaster preparedness program on November 6th

Bunco at the Shinstrom’s will be held November 11th

Our annual kid’s Christmas outing will be held this year on December 16th

Our Club’s annual Christmas Party will be held December 11th at Lilac Café.

Dan Bartell announced that our first Rotary First Harvest of 2018 will be held in January

Pat Swenson announced this year’s Reading Buddies Program for 4th & 5th graders at John Muir Elementary staring in November for 6 weeks. Commitment is 1 hour/week.

Rich Bergdahl announced that he needs volunteers for the front desk to help check members in for the meetings. For the newer members this is a great way to get to know your fellow Rotarians!

Angel Pilato, Lt. Col, USAF Ret., was our speaker and what a pistol she is and it doesn’t appear she is ready to slow down anytime soon. Wanting to do something meaningful for the country and being a graduate of the Culinary Academy of Rochester, NY, she thought she would highly valued for having such skills. After learning that there were good looking fighter pilots in the Air Force and having been told she could locate anywhere she wanted to go, she joined the Air Force. After being assigned several less desirable places she finally got an opportunity to go to where the action was and lots of those pilots, Udorn RTAFB in Thailand. Angel was reluctantly given the charge of running the officer’s club there after the wife of the commanding officer “quietly” suggested to him that she was well qualified. Right Dear? Yes Dear! She quickly won over the team there and had a ball. Eventually she was promoted to other stations in the Air Force. As well as being the first woman to manage an officer’s club, she eventually transferred to the Air Force Reserves as a Training Specialist and Retired as a Lt. Col.
President Steve ended with another one of his meeting ending jokes and got a good a laugh and ended the meeting at approx. 7:40.
Your scribe for an evening Scott Becker.