About Our Club
On September 20, 1937 the charter presentation banquet for the Rotary Club of Kirkland was held at Kirkland High School. Neighboring clubs represented at the banquet included Seattle, Everett, Port Angeles, Oak Harbor, Sumner, Tacoma, and Vancouver, B.C.

Charter Members1

Frank Robert Armstead
Basil B. Bond
William V. Cowan
Fred L. Delkin
George H. Davis
Harold P. Everest
Roger Griswold
Clarence B. Halvorson
William G. Hartranft
Henry B. Iverson
Leroy Johnson
Howard G. Keeling
Jack Lawson
William C. Little
Herbert J. MacGinnitie
Warren R. McCreedy
Ernest C. McKibben
Paul M. Pair
Maurice B. Powell
Evan S. Russel
Clayton A. Shinstrom
John W. Skinner
John C. Thompson
John F. Wallin
M. L. Wert
Fred J. Zable

Charter Officers

Henry Iverson, President
William C. Little, Vice-President
Maurice Powell, Secretary
M.L. Wert, Treasurer
J.C. Thompson, Sergeant at Arms

Non-Charter Original Members2

Stanley Ballard
Carl H. Benson
E. Frank Davis
Einar H. Fretheim
Glenn M. Johnson
John Paul Jones
Howard B. Lee
Fred W. McCullough
S. Dean Peterson
Nelson Rochester
Francis Rotch
William W. Ruggles
Douglas H. Slade
Philip R. Smith
Sivert Stenesen
Richard A. Taylor
1As listed in the files of Rotary International.
2The charter banquet program listed sixteen additional men, who became full-fledged Rotarians at the same time as the twenty-six charter members.