Outstanding Educator 2022, Peter Kirk Elementary School
Cindy Blair, school psychologist
Peter Kirk Elementary School
Monica Garcia, principal
According to Principal Monicas Garcia, Peter Kirk Elementary School psychologist Cindy Blair has demonstrated commitment to the Peter Kirk community, and the city of Kirkland, as a member of the community, as a parent, and as school psychologist.  Ms. Blair’s commitment to caring for students and their families set her service apart.  Families in the Peter Kirk community experience respect, clarity, and patience as they learn to navigate services that support for students across the learning spectrum.
As our school’s psychologist, Ms. Blair serves as a resource for families and staff in service to Peter Kirk students.  The process is complicated and requires a skilled guide.  Naturally, conversations around the need for support through special education services bring feelings of worry and concern.  Through the process, Ms. Blair is a patient guide. 
Ms. Blair does not take the easy path, going beyond the requirements of her job.  Where she has expertise in the processes, in the resources, assessments and procedures, she truly shines is in her ability and willingness to establish connection and rapport with families.  She initiates conversations and builds relationships early.  She is proactive, reaching out to families, to explain the process with time for people to ask questions and develop understanding.  Families feel welcomed, they feel included, and they feel supported.
Ms. Blair is also a bridge.  Where she dedicates time connecting with families, she also devotes equal time and energy supporting educators in meeting the needs of students.  Ms. Blair is careful, knowing the implications of decisions on the education and life outcomes for students.  She speaks for fair and equitable practices, and she is committed to the wellbeing of the Peter Kirk community’s children.