Students of the Month 2021-22
Juanita High School
Emma Artz has been riding and racing mountain bikes for four years now, and recently competed on an international level against the best in the world on the hardest courses. Emma says that didn’t come easy; it took hard work, dedication, and amazing coaches that told her “You can reach for the stars.” They inspired her to be the best, which is why she earned fifth at the most recent world cup. Emma’s coaches are the reason she now coaches kids varying in age from six year-olds to teens how to ride mountain bikes. This is so she can spread her love of adventure, the outdoors, and biking to a younger generation. She is teaching young boys and especially girls that if they believe it they can achieve it, that their dreams can come true. Emma wants to continue to give back to the mountain bike community that has supported her and given young girls confidence. She says she will do this by continuing to volunteer time to maintain trails as well as coaching kids. Emma loves what she does and the fact that she is able to share the sport she loves with youth.