Posted by Harry Wagoner on May 17, 2017
Kirkland Reporter Meeting 5-15-17
  1. Pledge Lead By New Member  Russ Stromberg
  2. Rick Walters Greeter
  1. Donate Books By Elaine Books by May 20th
  2. Rotary Social at Chainline Brewery- Friday 5-26. Great food truck and great Rotary event. 5pm to close 
  3. Miracle League at 1:30pm this Saturday.  Fraternity Volunteers this weekend. 
  4. Steve - Thanked everyone for Board Retreat at his Home last Saturday
  5. Scott Rethke - Duck Dash tickets Update. Rick will approve anything. 
  6. Steve  - Aug 21st is Salmon Bake at Auslanders home again.  Thanks Bob & Gail for hosting.  Also,  Bunco will be November 11th at Shinstroms 
Introduction Gail Auslander - Bob sponsor
Graduate from UW. Loves Bowling, Swimming & Skiing. Lived in Scottsdale for a bit. Approved proposal.  Welcome Gail!!!!!!!!  Distribution of the Binder and the Red Badge!!!  Pictures taken by all!!!!  
Introduction of speaker, Paul Brown.  Kirkland Reporter!!!  Yea!!!  Round of applause.  What's the reporter Doing????
Good Evening from Paul Brown 26 Tips about the Reporter 
A. No Sales Pitches. 
B. Educate Public and sales will come. Not selling anything. 
C. Need to get in front of folks.  Presents is everything 
D. Be proud of the reporter
E. Getting the page count high.  Working hard. 
F. Paul moved from Marysville to Kirkland in 2016
G. Be involved in the community 
H. Apart of sound publishing 
I. 49 titles of owned newspapers 
J. Geo Mapping benefits from the reporter
K. Hyper Local News - Sports, Political & Educational views of Kirkland 
L. News media has changed - We are not dead. 
M. What's to write stories from locals.  They want to interview us..  set up a one on one with the reporter and tell them your story. 
N. Help building your business and advertise with us.  Started from 12 pages and in three months got 20 pages. Yea!!
O. Distribution from Paper Boys. For Hire
P. Publishing a Quarter page section on the rotary 
Q. Talked about advertising for free our Duck Dash 
R. Business for hire of course. 
S. Never charge for the paper
T.  Feature articles for the paper on Rotary special guests.  
U. New Editor Samantha Pat for the reporter.  Took over Matts 17 year Job. Fresh. 
V. Advertising for Miracle League for Saturday June 3rd.  Please get an email out to have aReporter to Miracle League.
W. website. Contact Us.  Fill out template and be heard. 
X. 25,205 copies circulated per week. 
Y. Do not be on a do not delivered list to get your paper
Z. Carriers are equipped with GPS.  
Thank you Paul. 
President Scott presented a past race duck and certificate of 600 pounds of food donation to Rotary First Harvest on Paul’s behalf.   
Meeting Dismissed at 7:14pm
Scribe for an evening Harry Wagoner