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Kirkland Rotary Club Minutes
May 23, 2016
The meeting was called to (some semblance of) order by President Rich Bergdahl. 
After Rick Ostrander led us in the pledge, President Bergdahl offered a “Rotary Minute” around the topic “What is Rotary?”.  In simple terms, it’s getting things done!
The focus of this evening’s meeting was the awarding of Rotary Scholarships to nine very deserving young men and women.  Kudos to Vocational Service Chair James Nevers and his committee for all of their work in interviewing Kirkland area students and selecting an outstanding group of recipients:
  • Carmen Olmedo from Cascadia Community College, who will be majoring in Chemical Engineering.
  • Lucy Duoxi Su, also from Cascadia who unfortunately was not able to join us.
  • William Chae, from the International Community School, who attended with his father and his twin brother.
  • Nick Goodwin from Juanita High School, who is headed to the UW.
  • Zoe Thomas, also from Juanita High, who plans to major in nursing.
  • Olivia Thomas, our Chuck O. Morgan Scholarship recipient, who is headed to Boston University to become a writer.
  • Amanda Chau from Lake Washington High School, who was our May Student of the Month and is also involved in Rotaract.
  • Elizabeth Tucker from Lake Washington Technical Academy, who plans on becoming a National Parks Ranger.
  • Chelsea Knight from Lake Washington Institute of Technology, who plans on a career in nursing.
After the scholarships were presented, William Chae’s father told us of receiving a $ 50 scholarship many years ago and how much that meant to him.  He reminded us that while we Rotarians may not remember the evening, the young men and women who received the scholarships would never forget it.
Finally, Rick Walter (who sold the Joker Pool tickets and collected the money for the Joker Pool tickets) presided over the drawing of the Joker Pool tickets.  It turns out that the drawing of the Joker Pool tickets was won by none other than ………. Rick Walter.  Fortunately, it was the nine of spades.
Just a reminder, there will be no meeting next week as it is Memorial Day.  Our next meeting will be June 6th and will be at the Wilde Rover to kick off the Duck Dash.
Scribingly submitted, Terry Cole


The meeting was called to order at 6:30Pm by President Rich Bergdahl


Alice Volpe led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States.


Bill Woods our 50 year club Rotarian gave an inspirational moment based on his recollections from his school days in Montana.  He related a special moment when a history teacher in 1942 announced that he had been drafted for the war effort.  He recalls the teacher said to the class that we should remember that it takes courage to speak but even more courage to open your mind and listen. He also recalled his favorite President Ronald Reagan saying a responsive idea will solve the problems we face if you are willing to annoy enough people with it.


Our guests tonight were our favorite bartender from years back Tyson, the man with only one name.  Actually he has a last name but friends need to know only one.  Our two students of the month from Lake Washington High School were here for their last visits and presentations, Matthew Malloy and Amanda Chau with  some of their families.  Another guest was Shreedar from India who was to speak at the end of the meeting.


  • Announcements included that we need volunteers for Miracle League this Saturday since no sports or club team youth volunteers will be present.  Ten Rotarians indicated they can come. Twenty are needed.
  • Steve Shinstrom announced he needs signups for scribe and greeters and made a special pitch for Rotarians in the Club to respond with guest numbers that they are coming to the Wild Rover next Monday the 23rd of May for the Duck Dash kickoff.  Otherwise there may not be enough food if you just show up.
  • Ben Premack announced that  May 28th is the next Rotary First harvest activity at the food bank in Kent.  Assemble at the 70th Street park and Ride or at the facility in Kent.  Ben was also awarded a Rotary International pin for signing up his grandfather as a Rotarian.


Matthew and Amanda gave their combined reports to conclude their Student of the Month participation cycles with an eclectic and different approach from usual.  They came up together and did a mock interview of each other in front of the club.  From this we learned of their personal interests (Matthew has no spare time due to volunteering and other club memberships such as Beta Club, Decca, as well as basketball and track; just got a job with Kirkland Park’s Department)  Amanda was snowed with activities as well (Rotaract and taking classes at Bellevue Community College  volleyball team and friends)  Matt will attend the University of Montana but his major is not yet chosen but so far interested in biology or city planning.  Both our students  are planning senior year trips to one place or the other.  They announced that they have been classmates since kindergarten.  Elizabeth Rusnick presented them with their participation certificates and donation cards for food in their honor in Rotary First Harvest food banks (600 pounds of food each as donations in their names. The traditional racing ducks were also gifted to each.


A special guest tonight was Tyson our one name favorite bartender and friend to many Rotarians at the happy hour before meetings. Tyson reported that he fondly remembers the friends he made at Rotary and the advice many of them gave that aided him in the transitions of his life that are ongoing.  He has been accepted to the Foster School of Business at UW.  Wherever Tyson ends up we are confident he will be contributing to life and progress and we fully expect him to become a future Rotarian.  He already has that look. His thanking us for the inspiration he received was genuinely expressed and heart felt in the reception.


Patty Doherty gave her classification talk:  Having done many things in life including IT sales and lived all over from here to California, Florida and back, Patty’s classification is insurance sales.  Aflac has been her major employer but she did a few years in teaching but soon returned to her love insurance sales. From no planning whatsoever she spent a number of years in troubled spots or conditions: a husband with a drinking problem, four hurricanes in Florida  but always learned to love to serve people in their responding to helps.  She has one daughter who is now a student at USC in California.  Every time she moved away circumstances seemed to bring her back to Washington where she has acquired many friends and will stay.  She was introduced to Rotary by President Rich Bergdahl whose Rotary pin attracted her interest at a Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Meeting and when she asked about he, he said, “Come and see”  She did and here she has stayed.  We welcome you Patty Doherty, Rotarian.


Jason Overleese introduced our program representatives from Kineta, a pharmaceutical drug development firm. Ken North, chief fund raiser, a former banker who retired from business to shape drug development at Kineta  introduced the company and our speaker Kristin Bedard, PhD, head of Kineta’s urology research program.  Kristin explained why the pathway to an FDA drug for disease treatment takes so long. Kineta receives government grants from the NIH (National Institutes  of Health) and others that are called undiluted grants which means the government does not control the use or the means of the expenditures in research or the ability to take the drugs for governmental use once developed.  Kineta calls its programs translational development which was ambiguous to your scribe.  Some of their initiatives include  innate immune systems, dealing with chronic pain and immune oncology. FDA approval for therapeutic drug products average 12-15 years in development which partly explains why the cost is so high.  Some of their research programs include auto immune functions, research into lupus treatment products and anti-viral programs, something called one side suppressors (whatever that means) and efforts to find solutions to such killers as lupus and Ebola. New areas being worked on include immune response research, immune modulating drugs, killing cancer cells and fighting various viral infection causes.  Kineta also works on research to combat or control chronic pain.  44 people per day die from addiction to pain killing drugs that cross the blood barrier into the brain which makes addiction a problem.  Kineta is finding sources for substances that can develop drugs that will control chronic pain and not cross the blood barrier and become as addictive.  They invited us to inquire and even make a visit although some parts of the facility may not be accessed for obvious reasons of cleanliness and  the scientific precautions involved.


Our visiting Rotarian Shreedar gave a presentation of his club in India called Chennai Upscale in the town of Chennai.  They speak the  Tamil language in the language family group of Dravidian.  The club is only 100 days old.  Their vision is education assistance for kids in their community.  He presented slides of historic  buildings like temples although not necessarily religious as well as pictures of the kids they help.  He had only heard of Rotary and knew nothing about it but somebody suggested he help form a club.  We got to see the results so far.  President Bergdahl presented a Kirkland Rotary Club flag.  Shreedar is a mechanical engineer in India , has a son in Redmond and a daughter in Bellevue so we are likely to see more of him in the future.  He stated that for the annual cost of $60-$70 a student’s life can be saved through education in his area.  A true Rotarian in action, this one was and heartily welcomed by our club.


The meeting adjourned approximately 7:45Pm.

John E. Woodbery



Rotary Spokesman
Meeting Date: Monday, May 9, 2016
The meeting is called to order by substituting president, James Nevers at 6:30 p.m.  The flag salute is led by Student of the Month, Matthew Malloy.  Tonight’s Greeter is: Elizabeth Rusnak. Front desk: Rick Walter.
Introduction of Visitors:
Visiting Rotarians:  Sreedhar, visiting from India; and Ann Norman from Bellevue Breakfast.
Students of the Month: Matthew Malloy and Amanda Chau of Lake Washington High School.
Other Visitors: Nick Nickolaychuk, Sandy Taylor (Happy Birthday), Wilma Bartel, Jeff Norman, Eleanor Sieverts-Ackerman, Nancy Fritz, Doug Frits, Gail Auslander, Patty Shinstrom, Jessica Olson, and Stephanie Walter.
Club Announcements:
  1. Board Meeting has been rescheduled to May 18th (same location, same time). Please RSVP to James Nevers.
  2. Golf Tournament will be held at Mt. Si Golf Course on June 20. Cost is $85 per person. Sign up and pay next week.
  3. Mariners Game Night on June 11.  Sign up with David DeBois.
  4. Scholarship Night will be May 23rd.
  5. Duck Dash kick-off is Monday, June 6 at the Wilde Rover. First day of selling is at Wednesday Market on June 8th. Everyone is encouraged to sign up to sell tickets.
  6. Patti Smith announced the picnic shelter at Waverly Park will be ready in June, and we’ll have our Club Picnic there on July 11th. A formal grand opening (and ribbon cutting) will likely occur in September.
  7. Miracle League game on Saturday, May 14:  NEED VOLUNTEERS. Games are at Perrigo Park in Redmond. Show-up time is 9:30. We hope to see you there.
  8. Social night at Chain Line Brewing will be on 6-16-16 at 6pm.
    Special Announcements:
    Happy Dollars:
    Program Speaker: Jerry Miner, Comedian (all the way from Tacoma)
    Program Topic: We were all entertained by the good humor of Jerry Miner. He’s been on A&E and Comedy Central.  He and his wife (who is also a comedian) travel the country.
    Lucky Ticket Drawing
    The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
    Submitted by Scribe:
    Elizabeth Rusnak

Rotary Minutes for May 2, 2016
Scribe:  Pat Swenson
Our meeting was called to order by President, Rich Bergdahl at 6:30 p.m.  Our flag salute was lead by Joanne Primavera and Bob Auslander provided a lovely Inspirational Moment on the meaning of true love.  Rich took a minute to thank our evening’s Greeter:  John Woodbery, and the awesome services of Rick Walter for manning the front desk.  Our few visitors were introduced:  Amanda Chou, a Senior from Lake Washington High School (our student of the month) who told us she is a Rotoract member at Bellevue College and will be a Rotoract at Seattle University (which she will attend in the Fall).  Jason Chemchill accompanied our speaker and Rene, a Visiting Rotarian from West Seattle Club.
  • A request for more Volunteers for Miracle League game on Saturday, May 7th.  Please come help, starting time 9:30 a.m. and done by 11:30/12:00.
  • A request for RSVPs to Jason Overleese if you plan to attend next Monday, May 9th meeting for comedian Jerry Miner.  We need lots of guests and members to meet 50.
  • Rich read a Thank You note from Eastside Baby Corner—they are very grateful for our donations.
  • Dave DeBois asked that you let him know if you plan to golf in the June 20th tournament at Mt. Si.  Cost is $85.00 and includes golf, cart and food.  Please pay at Monday night meeting.  Notify Dave at:
  • Rick Walter, Steve Shinstrom, Joanne Primavera, Rich Bergdahl attended the District Conference last weekend and all had a fabulous time.  Joanne hosted an event in her suite and the golf games were lots of fun.
  • Patti Smith said Duck Dash is “all under control”. 
  • Rich reminded about the next Board Meeting...   UPDATE:  BOARD MEETING IS NOW MAY 20TH at 5:30 at Re-Max offices.  Please let Rich know if you plan to attend.
  • Dave DeBois gave a brief update on the preliminary meeting with Studio East for a potential Halloween Haunted House.  We are in a fact finding stage to see if this fund raiser activity is possible, working with the City of Kirkland and Studio East.

The April 25, 2016 Kirkland Rotary Club meeting was called to order by President Rich Bergdahl at 6:30PM


The Inspirational /Rotary moment consisted of testimonies from those members who participated in Miracle League last Saturday at Perrigo Park in Redmond.  The stories included those kids who have been helped by having a place where they could participate in sports activities that normal kids take for granted.  For these kids, it is a miraculous opportunity.  Elizabeth Rusnick reminded us “it truly takes a village”.  The volunteer efforts of us all makes this miracle happen.


President Rich thanked Dave DeBois as tonight’s greeter and Rick Walter for the winding down weeks of his invaluable efforts at the front  desk we all tend to take for granted.


Our guests tonight were member prospect Kara Munea who recently moved to Kirkland from Ohio with her husband.  She works at Prevail Management.  Mike Hunter introduced again our current Student of the Month Forest Malcom with his father Greg Malcom as welcome guests. Jason Overleese introduced Susan Spector who came with our speaker from the Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy organization (WAAA)


Announcements included: 

  • Dave DeBois let us know that the Club Golf Tournament event will return to Mount Si Golf Course on June 20th. Dave encouraged us to get our foursomes together so we are playing with special friends, even invited guests. 
  • He also announced that on June 11, 2016 we will have a mariner Baseball night at 7:00PM, tickets to cost $37.00 plus tax on the 100 level,  first base side . 
  • Also, in a busy activity report, Dave announced that on July 11th we will have the Club Picnic at Waverly Park East under the Pavilion we donated.
  • Patti Smith announced that a check was received for an amount your scribe could not hear and for a purpose not clear.  Check with Patti.
  • We have been granted a free advertisement in The Kirkland Community Living handout that goes to 1600 homes with an advertisement for the  Duck Dash and how tickets are purchased and where.
  • Cards were circulated for signatures for our friend Patti Marsh who suffers from breast cancer, a card for GG Getz in Georgia suffering from something I couldn’t catch and a thank you card from the Lake Washington School District for our sponsorship of the CEO program for entrepreneur development attitudes among participating students.
  • President Rich called up Scott Becker for a special pin award for member recruitment for the club. 
  • The next Board meeting will be at Rich Bergdahl’ s office on May 11th although he will not be present.

Next, Forest Malcom presented his Student of the Month talk which was warmly received.  A future Rotarian was in evidence. He testified that he has been aided in his exposure in Rotary to discovering some of the true passions in his life as seen from here.

Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, April 18, 2016 Meeting
President Rich Bergdahl called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Patty Doherty led us in the Pledge.
Chuck Kimbrough, Downtown Bellevue Club, who told us about his Club’s hosting of a 5K/10K Run/Walk for Autism to be held on April 24, 2016.  Races start and finish at the Bellevue Downtown Park.  Go to for details.
Forrest Malcolm, Student of the Month from Lake Washington High School
Patty Doherty, Special Projects Coordinator with Aflac, soon to be our newest member!
  • First Miracle League game is this Saturday, April 23rd at 9:00 AM at Perrigo Park in Redmond.  A show of hands proved we have enough volunteers for this first game.
  • District Conference is April 29, 30 and May 1 in Coeur de Alene.  Kirkland Rotarians will be having dinner together Saturday evening.  Golf is also planned for Friday morning.
  • Rotary Foundation contributions for this Rotary year are due by June 30.  Contract President Rich if you want to know how close you are to becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.
  • Patti Smith announced 15 prizes are now set for the Duck Dash.  Bob Webb received a $1,000 contribution from the Safeway on 85th and now we’re on target to cover all expenses with sponsorships.  June 6th is Kickoff at the Wilde Rover and August 13th is the Duck Dash Race.  Venues are being set up this week and tickets will be available at the Kickoff.
  • Eric Olsen updated us on his son’s health and thanked members for their thoughts and prayers.
  • President Rich said the Past President Breakfast on Sunday morning was a great success and he learned a lot of history about the Club.
New Member Induction
President Rich inducted Patty Doherty, our newest member into the Club.  Joanne Primavera is Patty’s mentor.  Be sure and welcome Patty to our Club!
Jason introduced Ray Copin, a retired Coast Guard pilot (Officially Coast Guard Pilot #744). 
Ray gave us a wonderful overview of the 100-year history of the Coast Guard from 1903 with the flight of Wilbur and Orville Wright at Kitty Hawk all the way to 2016.  The Coast Guard officially began in 1916 when Congress authorized airplanes, but no money, for the new service. 
Ray’s presentation included several pictures of the different aircraft used by the Coast Guard, and flown by Ray, over the years and key events that eventually led to the use of helicopters in rescues.
At the end of the program Al Hoviland added his own experiences as the skipper of a fishing boat in Alaska and the several rescues by the Coast Guard under trying conditions.
Ray received a standing ovation for his service to the Coast Guard and his country.
Thanks, Ray, for a wonderful and informative program.
President Rich adjourned the meeting at 7:50 PM
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Scribe for the Week

President Rich Bergdahl called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Annie Becker led us in the Pledge.
Jason Overleese inspired us with details of his recent wedding in Hawaii.
Hugo Becker and Annie Becker, father and daughter, respectively, of Scott Becker
Patty Sims’ son Aiden
Forrest Malcolm, Student of the Month from Lake Washington High School
Tom Reeves (Speaker) and Marissa Kapfhammer
  • Patty Sims inspired us with a video of Miracle League players and buddies from 2011.  Miracle League will start again on Saturday, April 23d at 9:00 AM at Perrigo Park in Redmond.  There are 6 games this season with the last one on June 4th.  Plan on being there!
  • Bob Webb will coordinate the venues for the Duck Dash this summer.  Adoptions will be sold at the QFC in Kirkland and Totem Lake, Fred Meyer, and the Farmers Market Wednesday afternoons at Marina Park.  All members should plan on selling at least two times so we are publicizing Rotary in the community. 
  • Dave DeBois has the coupons ready for the Duck Adoptions, our favorites are still there plus some new ones.
  • President Rich announced the next Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 13 at 5:30 PM at his office in Kirkland
  • The Past Presidents’ Breakfast meeting will be held at Rich’s home on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.  RSVP to Rich so there will be enough Swedish pancakes for everyone!
Meeting Open @ 6:32PM. 4/4/2016
Scott Becker presiding, Rich Bergdahl on vacation
Joanne Primavera
  • Miracle League begins on May 23rd at 10:00AM
  • Rotary Foundation
    • March Auction was canceled, new date of October 1st
    • Foundation actions
      • World Bicycle Relief donation of $5,000
      • Treehouse donation of $5,000
      • FRP sent out to organizations that help homeless youth
        • Kirkland Teen Union, took a donation for remodeling a small part of the building and installing laundry facilities for the kids
Patti Smith
  • Announcement about Chief Eric Olsen’s son, Mark Olsen, who was injured while playing soccer this past weekend. He suffered from cardiac arrest and was saved by his friends and teammates. He is alive and recovering.
John Pruitt
  • Reminder about Miracle League which was formed to give disabled children the opportunity to play baseball. The local league is sponsored by our club and we volunteer to play with the children.
  • Forrest Malcom, senior at Lake Washington High School and our current student of the month
  • Brad Hunt, Kirkland Resident and member of Bellevue Rotary, brought the guest speakers and his friend Doug
Rick Walter – Happy Dollars, everyone is happy and Rick Walter is frustrated with tax season
Speakers, Jombi Kivuyo, safari guide, and Wilfred Moshi, mountaineering guide, from Tanzania
  • Jombi spoke about his company Tanzania Outdoor Adventures and going on safari
  • Wilfred spoke about his company Kili-treks and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
Meeting adjourned @ 7:45PM

President Rich called the March 14, 2016 Kirkland Rotary Club meeting to order at 6:30 PM. 
Ernie Norehad let us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  John Pruitt provided an inspirational moment.
VISITING ROTARIANS AND GUESTS  Patty Doherty visited again and is hoping to join our club.  Brad Hunt, a 32 year member of the Bellevue Rotary Club visited and is helping bring a program on an African safari in the near future.  Davis Kenney is our Student of the Month from Lake Washington High.  He plans to major in Pre-Med in college next year.
  • Eric Olsen updated his wife's excellent progress.  Terri had emergency surgery for a brain aneurysm about three weeks ago.  She had an excellent recovery and went back to work as a school teacher today.
  • David DeBois reviewed last Saturday's First Harvest.  There was a small group and some confusion exists regarding importance of signing up for those events.
  • David also announced that he is evaluating the possibility of having a new fundraiser in the form of a Halloween Haunted House in partnership with another organization.  A small group will report back in a month or two.
  • James Nevers announced scholarship applications are being received and he will be setting up groups to choose recipients in the next month.

The March 21, 2016 Kirkland Rotary meeting was called to order by president Rich Bergdahl at 6:30 PM.  Steve Shinstrom led us in the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.


For one inspirational moment, Rick Walter reported a close encounter of a bird kind where a massive eagle nearly collided with his windshield carrying his captured road kill.  That my friends was a different kind of inspirational moment.


Ernie Norehad followed with a short prayer that the Lord bless our food, fellowship and our service to others, Amen.

Diana Lanspa was our capable greeter.


The guests recognized tonight were Ashleigh Lansing an accounting systems consultant who by the way is a Duck Dash sponsor this year. Doug Ghaemi accompanied her as our guest. Doug Seto was with us again as a regular makeup Rotarian from Seattle Four. David King our Student of the Month was here for the third week and was happy to announce he has a part time job at Bellevue Square learning retail sales.


For announcement we were informed that the Kirkland Downtown Rotary Club has its fund raiser this weekend (3/26)called Hops & Vine.

Scott Becker announced that the Teen CEO Program had its judging event for individuals with their established businesses with  $8,000 in prizes for the winners.  Scott also called our attention to Howard Jacobs the very capable manager of the Woodmark, so supportive of Rotary activities on this site. David Mutal announced the 520 Bridge Open Run, a 20 mile bike ride event is coming soon.  Member Bill Taylor announced that his company has the bridge link for the opening connector apparatus  sitting at his plant.

Patty Smith announced we need $3,000 more in sponsor donations and mid-April is the deadline.  The sites for Duck ticket sales will be Safeway, a different QFC and the Kirkland Wednesday market.

The next Board meeting will be held on April 13th.  It was announced that Jason Overleese and Veronica are being married on April 4th.

Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, March 9, 2016 Meeting – Version 2
President Rich Bergdahl called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.  Nick Jones from the Downtown Club led us in the Pledge.
Brian Tucker read quotes from Warren Buffett as our inspiration for the evening.
Nick Jones, President of the Kirkland Downtown Club
Carl Behnke, Seattle #4
Sudhanshu Gore, R C Pune South, India
Doug Seto, Seattle #4
Davis Kenney, Student of the Month from Lake Washington High School
Val Schmid, wife of Sigi Schmid, our speaker
Russell & Mary Hokanson, guests of Rich Bergdahl
Nan Bergdahl
Joanne Wegener, guest of Brian Tucker
Jeff Robinson, guest of Brian Tucker
Tyler Mutal, David & Amy Mutal’s son
No Meeting at the Woodmark Tonight.  We are having a combined meeting at Flatstick Pub with the Kirkland Downtown club.  Also a food drive to benefit Hopelink.  The club that brings the most food is the winner!!!.

Rotary Meeting Minutes February 22, 2016
The meeting was called to order by President Rich Bergdahl at 6:34PM.
 Rick Ostrander led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
 Thanks to Rick Walter for manning the front desk.
We met in the Bayshore Room of the Woodmark and were treated to a gorgeous view of the lake and skyline as the evening came on.
Rick Walter shared some thoughts relating to relying on unreliable information when making financial decisions.  It is usually wise to get accurate and expert information before making such decisions.
President Rich announced that Teri Olsen, wife of member Eric Olsen is recovering nicely from two surgeries to repair a brain aneurysm. 
The Club board will meet March 9 at the Remax office on Kirkland Way.  All are welcome.
Next week’s meeting will be a joint meeting with the Downtown Club at the Flat Stick Pub, at 5:30.  The pub is next door to the Grape Choice at the Marina Park parking lot.  We will have pizza and mini golf – cost $20.  Do not forget to bring food items either to the meeting or to Steve Shinstrom’s office – we are in competition with the Downtown Club for most pounds of food donated.
Joanne Primavera announced that the Foundation Auction will be moved from March 5 and rescheduled to sometime in May due to members’ scheduling conflicts.
Steve Shinstrom needs scribes and greeters.
Patti Smith announced that the effort to get sponsors for the Duck Dash is going well – many members have pledged support.
Sounders Coach Sigi Schmidt will be the speaker at the March 7 meeting.  We may also have a couple of Sounders players present.
Mike Hunter announced that we will have multiple Students of the Month from Lake Washington High because the committee was unable to decide among several outstanding candidates. 
Joanne Primavera announced that Friends of Youth at 132nd & 132nd in Kirkland used some of our money to buy chairs for the facility they have there serving youth in transition.  
District Conference in Coeur D’Alene in May – President Rich is organizing golf for attending Club members.
Our outgoing Student of the Month from Juanita High, Jaspreet Singh, told us a bit about his personal and school life.  He has played football and was leading tackler in the conference and team co-captain.  He is maintaining good grades and hopes to attend UW and study Chemical Engineering.  Giving back is an important part of his life and he has been active in the local Sikh community.
Rotary meeting 2/8/16
Rich Bergdahl called the meeting to order at 6:33pm
Dwight Olsen led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Scott Rethke – Inspirational Moment
Recently visited Disneyland and had an amazing time! Read up on Walt Disney and shared on of his famous quotes ““If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse.”
No meeting February 15th - Presidents Day.
  • Rotary Board Meeting this month has been canceled.  Board meeting schedule for the rest of the year.  3/19, 4/13, 5/11 & 6/8.
  • District Conference is Friday, April 29, 2016 - Sunday, May 1, 2016. at Coeur d' Alene Resort. Two morning golf tee times are booked!
  • Successful Duck Dash committee meeting was held 2/8 prior to the regular meeting.
  • David Debois - Wayne Golf Course was purchased by One Bothell. Plans are to make it a recreational development for the community. Couse will be divided half King County, half Bothell. All parties involved are pleased with the outcome.
  • Joanne Primavera – Happy Chinese New Year. Brought fortune cookies to share.
  • Reminder of Kirkland Women’s Auction to support Rotary Foundation at 5:30pm on 3/5. There will be dinner and wine. Appetizers and desserts are needed.  Contact Joanne to sign up.
  • 15k extra dollars in fund. Gave 5k to Bikes, 5k to Treehouse with 5K still to be determined.
  • Washington District Bond measure. Working on getting speakers to speak to our club that represent both sides.
  • Don Dicks and Gary Bruner- Spoke about Rotary Foundation and the powerful work that’s being done. It’s all funded by what we give to support. Many new health issues face the world and Rotarians are encouraged to continue to support Rotary Foundation.
Paul Harris awards presented:
Don Dicks +6
Anne Hamilton +8
Steve Shinstrom +7
Terry Cole +6
Bob Webb +5
Brandon Honcoop +2
A huge thank you and round of applause to all!
You can keep track of your contribution on the RI website. Your member name is needed to login which is located on your Rotary Magazine!
Also, be sure to get your member card and carry it with you. Many Rotary clubs abroad require you have it to attend a meeting.
Program Speaker:
Joseph Castleberry- President of Northwest University
Author of - The New Pilgrims: How Immigrants Are Renewing America's Faith and Values.
Faith in America is experiencing a powerful religious revival particularly among immigrants, offering an exciting opportunity for spiritual renewal. The New Pilgrims compares today's immigrants to the very first religious immigrants of the sixteenth century the Pilgrims of Massachusetts. Castleberry describes the positive effect these immigrants are having, especially in terms of moral and family values, as well as more conservative politics.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:37pm.
Amy Mutal scribe for an evening.

The February 1, 2016 Rotary Club of Kirkland meeting was called to order at 6:30 by President Rich Bergdahl and John Pruitt led the Pledge. Mike Hunter gave the inspirational moment with news from Bill Gates that Polio should finally be wiped out by year-end 2016. The Gates Foundation has exceeded the pledge it originally made to match Rotary’s commitment to raise $750 million and has actually contributed over $1 billion to wipe out this scourge.
Our student of the month, Desperit (sp), was introduced to the club. He is a Senior at Juanita High School, captain of the football team and a member of the National Honor Society.
Amy Mutal introduced her guest, Anne Hess, the new owner of Kirkland Living Magazine.
Patti Smith announced that there will be a Duck Dash Committee meeting next Monday @ 5:15. She also called for sponsors and Rick Walter was the first to respond and support our signature event.
Joanne announced the Foundation Auction will be held March 5th at the Women’s Club. Please think about things you might have to donate.
Dave and Amy Mutal announced there will be a run/walk event and a bike ride, which they are coordinating, celebrating the opening of the 520 bridge. If you’d like to participate they would be glad to sign you up.
Rich announced that Sigi Schmid will be the speaker at our March 7th meeting and that our next board meeting is March 10th. All  are welcome to attend. Also that the district conference will be held this year at the Coeur D Alene resort. Our February 29th meeting will be at the Flatstick Pub.
Nourishing Networks is in need of food during this slow season of giving. Joanne announced that our Duck Dash teams will compete with the Downton Club to see who can bring in the most food, “by weight”.
Rich announced our officers and board for the 2016-2017 Rotary year. They are:
Scott Becker- President
Steve Shinstrom-President Elect
Rick Walter-Vice President
Rick Walter-Treasurer
Rich Bergdahl-Past President
Anne Hamilton-Secretary
Dave DeBois-Club Service
Joanne Premavera-Community Service
Alice Volpe-International Service
James Nevers-Vocational Service
Rotary Foundation-Don Dicks
Program Chair-Jason Overleese
Sargent at Arms-John Pruitt
Public Relations-Bob Webb
Webmaster-Steve Shinstrom
After Hours Chair-Scott Rethke
Head Duck-Patti Smith
David Aubrey introduced our enthusiastic speaker, Kintisha Williams, who is the Development Coordinator at Treehouse. Founded in 1988 Treehouse serves 7,000 foster kids every year from birth to 24 years old providing a safe place for them and giving great childhood experiences. Treehouse began its funding with Bake Sales providing small benefits for its foster kids. Now it is able to answer wishes these kids have as well as providing sports equipment, ASB cards, clothing, etc so they can have an assemblence of a normal scholastic experience. They also work with middle and high school students with goal setting. Going one step further to provide a sense of pride in their lifestyle Treehouse has a warehouse that includes a free store where these kids can shop six times/year, choosing 25 items of their choice. Currently they are in need of little boy’s jeans.
Patti Smith had the winning ticket in the Joker Pool but was not able to find the Joker., AHHHH.
Your Scribe for the night, Scott Becker

Rotary Meeting Minutes January 5, 2016
The meeting was called to order by President Rich Bergdahl at 6:30PM.
 George Anderson led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
 Thanks to Rick Walter for manning the front desk and to Diana Lanspa for being our Greeter.
David Mutal shared some thoughts on Inspirational Moments.  He spoke about hunger in Washington State – we have a lot of people on food stamps and who struggle sometimes to put food on the table.  This time of year is a slow time for food bank donations, following the holidays, so that’s one reason we are collecting food and other household items from members tonight, for delivery to Hopelink tomorrow..  “The best way to pursue happiness is to help other people” – George Lucas.
Patty Sims introduced her guest, Patty Doherty, who is going into insurance after retiring from Lake Washington High School.  Elizabeth Rusnak introduced our Student of the Month, Makiah Gilmer from Juanita High School, here with his coach Brad Burmester.  Ben Premack introduced his grandmother, and two other guests whose names I missed.  He also introduced Mike Veitenhans, local Director of World Bicycle Relief, who will be our speaker.
  • Bob Cohon thanked everyone for their food bank donations this evening.
  • For the meeting on February 29, we are considering either a bowling party, perhaps with the Downtown Club, or a golf party.
  • Elizabeth Rusnak spoke about Curling Night last week – great fun, but unfortunately Dave Debois’ team did not prevail.  Elizabeth had put together a flyer explaining some of the finer points of the game which enriched the experience for the attendees.
  • The new Evergreen Point Bridge will be open April 2 for a Fun Run, and Fun Bike Ride.  
  • President Rich reminded us of the upcoming District Conference at the end of April – make your reservations early.
  • Eric Olsen announced that the Kirkland Police Department will be having a benefit Golf Tournament for Special Olympics – June 6 at Bear Creek.
  • Scott Becker thanked everyone for their support this past week in his job search.  He also reminded everyone to always RSVP for Rotary events as it is difficult to plan without an accurate count.
  • President Rich read the list of nominees for next year’s Club Board.  We voted to vote next week on shortening the period before the Board vote from 30 to seven days.  The vote was unanimous.
  • Rick Walter collected Happy Dollars – Ernie Norehad recounted that he has largely recovered from the effects of being rear-ended, then told three jokes.
  • President Rich will take any potential new members to lunch, so be sure to call him.
  • The Sounders Coach will be here at the March 7 meeting, possibly with a couple of players.  Bring kids.
  • Our Student of the Month, Makiah Gilmer, spoke to us about some of the personal and academic challenges he has overcome in his life, to the point that he now has a scholarship to attend and play football for Utah State.
Ben Premack introduced our speaker, Mike Veitenhans of World Bicycle Relief.  He showed us a short video and short slide program explaining how his organization distributes basic, sturdy bicycles to mainly African and Asian villagers.  Having a bicycle allows better school attendance and performance, better job performance, and allows farmers a more efficient way to deliver produce to markets.  They also set up supply chains and train mechanics so the bikes can remain in service under demanding conditions.  He showed some data demonstrating the positive influence these bikes can have on people’s lives.
President Rich reminded us that the Kirkland Rotary Foundation Auction is coming up, and that the ‘Amazon Smiles’ program allows one to have a donation go to Kirkland Rotary when making a purchase on Amazon.
Next week we will have Sherri from the Kirkland Police Department speaking to us.
 The meeting was adjourned at about 7:45PM.
Respectfully Submitted
Acting Scribe - David Aubry

Rotary Scribe Format
Meeting Date: Monday, January 11, 2016
The meeting was called to order by Club president, Rich Bergdahl at 6:30 p.m.  The flag salute was led by James Nevers.  Tonight’s Greeter was: Dave DeBois. Front desk: Rick Walter.
Inspirational Moment: Samir Saluja shared his thoughts about Martin Luther King, Jr. When Samir’s father was 10-years old, he met Mahatma Gandhi. Both men (King and Gandhi) believed in solving problems using intellect rather than violence; all should be seeking the truth; and diversity and inclusion gives us hope.
Introduction of Visitors:
Visiting Rotarians:  Doug Seto from Seattle #4
Student of the Month: Makiah Gilmer of Juanita High School (accompanied by Brad Burmester, staff member of Juanita High School)
Other Visitors: Katia Blackburn, and Dr. Jack Saluja (Samir Saluja’s father) visiting from Pittsburg (and he also celebrated his 82nd birthday – Happy Birthday Dr. Saluja!)
Club Announcements:
  1. Bob Cohn announced the food drive for Hopelink. A list of items needed was provided at the meeting, and then Joanne Primavera also sent the list via email. Please bring these items to the meeting on January 25th.  Items include canned meats, canned meals, cereal, dry beans, fruit (canned or fresh), pasta, peanut butter, rice, soup, tomato products, and vegetables (canned or fresh).  Also, most needed year-round non-food items include baby items (diapers size 3-6 months, baby wipes, and formula), hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, deodorant, razors, combs, brushes, etc.), paper items (toilet paper, paper towels, foil, Ziplocs, etc.), and household & cleaning items (dish soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, and general cleaning products).
  2. Ben Premack announced that Saturday’s work party at Rotary First Harvest was successful (apples and frozen corn on the cob were packed). A total of 11,200 lbs of corn was packed, providing 8,615 meals.
  3. Dave DeBois announced the Rotary Curling Night on January 21st. Come watch a game and learn about curling. A fun fellowship event. Pizza will be provided.
  4. Board meeting will be held January 13th at 5:45 at the Gateway Building.
  5. Rotary District Conference is April 29th to May 1st in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Sign up online (there’s a link to the District site on Kirkland Rotary’s website). Rich Bergdahl is forming a golf group for Friday morning, so see him if you’re interested.
  6. Rich Bergdahl read a letter from the Park Board, thanking our Club for our $50,000 contribution for the picnic shelter at Waverly Beach Park. This will also be recognized in Kirkland’s Living magazine.
  7. James Nevers/Ben Premack announced that when you purchase items on Amazon, we recommend doing so through Doing so will ensure Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice (Kirkland Rotary Foundation!).
  8. Rich Bergdahl is asking for ideas for celebrating Leap Year (meeting on February 29th).
  9. Ben Premack proposed that $5,000 of the excess funds from Kirkland Rotary Foundation be donated to World Bicycle Relief to support education for young women by providing them a bicycle to get to/from school. A $5,000 donation is equivalent to 40 bicycles.
  10. Patti Smith asked that we all sign up for a team for Duck Dash.
    Special Announcements:
    Amy and David Mutual were presented with their blue badges.  Congratulations Amy and David!
    Happy Dollars:
    Program Speaker: Melissa Garvey, Deputy State Directory with the Nature Conservancy,,  206-436-6245,
    Program Topic: Climate Change: How it is impacting us, what can be done, how you can get involved.
     About the program: Jason Overleese introduced Melissa Garvey
    The Nature Conservancy works in 100 countries. They are largely funded by donations, grants (state and federal) and increase in public/private partnerships. They have 3,500 employees throughout the world. They are focused on thriving nature and thriving communities. They work across all political spectrums including with tribes and local businesses. Forest fires are occurring more frequently than ever before. In eastern Washington, the state experiences more frequent droughts; and the western side experiences more floods. The sea level is rising due to flood and erosion. With respect to tackling climate change, they work with diverse stake holders to reduce carbon emissions. A Washington state program called Floodplains by Design develops a natural solution to reduce flood risk to communities (by setting levies back). A program called Forest for our Futures develops a master plan for forest areas that are healthy and resilient. The goal is to reduce wild fires by 50%. There is a published plan for managing the central Washington area.
    There was excellent audience interaction through questions, comments and suggestions from several Rotarians. This was a great proactive program that engaged the entire group.
    Lucky Ticket Drawing
    The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.
    Submitted by Scribe:
    Elizabeth Rusnak

Rotary Meeting Minutes January 4, 2016
The meeting was called to order by President Rich Bergdahl at 6:30PM.
 Eric Olsen led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
 Thanks to Rick Walter for manning the front desk; Bill Taylor was our Greeter.
No Rotary Minute or Inspirational Minute as such, but Ernie Norehad offered us a thought: ‘Doubt is not the enemy of faith, but is an element of faith’. 
President Rich introduced our only guest, Loretta, his Mother.
  • Ben Premack reminded us that we have Rotary First Harvest this Saturday.  We can carpool from the Houghton Park and Ride at 405 and NE70th.   The next First Harvest work party will be March 12.  He also announced that he is the proud father of a new litter of puppies. [a Miracle!].
  • Patti Smith asked us to recruit more corporate sponsors for the upcoming Duck Dash.   Also every member needs to commit to at least two shifts selling Duck tickets in order to build community support.  This is part of the Club’s public face.
  • Dave Debois solicited interest in a Curling Night – probably January 21 at 6:30PM.  He is also looking into a Hockey Night February 20.
  • Rick Walter collected Happy Dollars.
  • Bill Woods was here but leaves for the southlands tomorrow where it’s raining.
  • There will be a Club Board meeting January 13 at Rich Bergdahl’s office.
  • Ernie Norehad then told a very funny – but polite – joke!  Has he turned over a new leaf?!
Jason Overleese introduced our program, consisting of meetings by the Club service branches to ‘recruit’ participants and to plan activities for this year.  We want to energize members and get a tentative calendar in place for planning purposes.  This will allow us to plan and allocate resources more effectively.
District Conference starts April 29 at the Coeur D’Alene Resort.  President Rich Bergdahl is promoting a golf event while there.
 The meeting was adjourned at 7:47PM.
Respectfully Submitted
Acting Scribe - David Aubry

Reminder No Meeting Tonight 12/28

Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, December 7, 2015 Meeting
President Rich Bergdahl called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Gary Bruner led us in the Pledge.
President Rich informed us of the passing of Herb Stier on December 6th.  Herb was a veteran of the Army Air Corps and one of our newest members.  Our sympathies go out to Ben Premack, Herb’s grandson, and his family.
President Rich recalled this day, December 7th in 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.  His father trained pilots on PTYs during the war.  Rich also quoted from Red Skelton’s honoring of each word in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Casey Oiness, a new father, who has been busy the last 6 months!
Joe Salter, an HR Consultant, visiting us again
Mary Alyce Burleigh, returning after a few years absence and now a pastor at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Kirkland
  • The Holiday Party is on December 13th at Rich & Nan’s home.The festivities start at 5:00 PM and Tyson will be serving refreshments.
  • Dave DeBois reported on the successful Hockey night in Everett. The Silvertips won 3 to 1 and we had a nice dinner at Shawn O’Donnell’s restaurant before the game. Some of us were even on the “Kiss Cam” during the game!
  • Joanne Primavera brought us up to date on several projects:
    • Attain Housing, the young mother will receive her furniture this week and will attend a meeting next month;
    • John Muir family collections are being filled, bring your items to next week’s meeting;
    • Holiday Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army will be December 12th and 19th, signups look good
    • A Thank You letter was received from the Chelan Valley Hope project, “Give Naked,” for our donation of $1607 to help the families who lost homes and memories in last summer’s wild fires (recall Ginny Johnson also donated her $5,000 Duck Dash winnings to the same cause)
  • The December 21st meeting will be at the Market Street Grill in Kirkland.The previous meeting held there was great so we’re going to do it again!
  • President Rich presented Scott Becker with two pins from Rotary International for bringing in Amy & Dave Mutal, our newest members!
President Rich introduced Louise Penberthy, a mediator, who spoke on “Mediation for the Non-Profit and Small Business.”  Louise has lots of experience in mediation and presented us with an overview of meditation, the benefits, how it works, and when you should try mediation.  Several members asked pertinent questions and provided insights to the benefits of mediation.
Louise can be reached at
                Thank you, Louise, for an interesting program.
Joker Pool
No Joker Pool this week
President Rich reminded us of the Holiday Party on Sunday, December 13th and asked us to bring guests who might be interested in Rotary.
Rich thanked everyone for attending and asked us to call a World War II veteran this week and thank them for their service.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Scribe for the Week

Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, November 23, 2015 Meeting
President Rich Bergdahl called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  GG Getz, visiting from Georgia, led us in the Pledge.
Brian Tucker inspired us with notes from his daughter, Matty, who is studying in Paris.  Matty provided comments from survivors of the tragedy that occurred in Paris a week ago.  In summary live your life to the fullest and tell loved ones how much you love them every day!
Jack & Cheryl Bloodworth, former members of our Club (this scribe was delighted to see you!)
GG Getz, a former President of our Club.  GG has joined a Club in Atlanta and is the Fellowship Chair.
Aron Healy with Franklin Temple came to our meeting after attending the Rotary Omak-Okanagan fundraiser for those affected by last summer’s wildfires.
Carly Taylor, our Student of the Month, has been accepted at two colleges so far!
Rich Bergdahl’s family was in attendance:  His mother, Loretta Brown; his brother Bruce and Bruce’s wife Carol, both of whom just arrived from Alaska; and his mother-in-law Jodie Marks.
Rotary Club of Kirkland
Anne Hamilton filled in for Rich Bergdahl and called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.
All Rotarian’s turned to each other and shared what they were most thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday.
Greeters: David & Amy Mutal
Scribe: Amy Mutal
Front desk setup: Scott Becker
Front Desk: Rick Walter
Guest: Mark and Stephanie Taylor- Carly Taylor’s parents (student of the month), Joe Salter (considering joining), and Steve H. doing a makeup from Bellevue Noon.
December 5th @ 7pm - Hockey night in Everett. Need two more to attend to cover paid tickets! See Dave DeBois.
December 13th 5-10pm - Holiday Party at Bergdahl’s. See email invitation for details on payment and to RSVP.
December 7th & 11th - Regular weekly meeting @ Woodmark.
December 21st - meeting at Market St Grill.
January 9th - First Harvest work party. See Ben Premack for details.
March 5th - Auction and Foundation Dinner. Stay tuned for details.
November is Rotary Foundation month.
Joanne Primavera: Club service opportunities…
-Attain Housing: Need baby clothes for 1 month old boy. Mother will attend Rotary meeting next month.
-John Muir Families: Need gifts. See email with list of items still needed. Bring to Meeting on Dec 7th or drop off at Banner Bank to Dave DeBois.
-The families that received the food and gift cards for Thanksgiving were very grateful!
-Bell ringing December 12th & 19th at QFC. See email to sign up.
Dave DeBois – Results from Apple Cup Board:
1st quarter winner is....  President Rich Bergdahl.  Prize $25
2nd quarter winner is.... President Rich Bergdahl.  Prize $50
3rd quarter winner is..... Mr. Past NW Harvest himself Dan Bartel Prize $75
The grand prize winner is someone who does not gamble, yet his wonderful wife went ahead and penciled him.......   Al Hoviland!
Rick Walter did Happy Dollars!



The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by President Rich Bergdahl, John Woodbery your scribe for tonight led the Pledge of Allegiance and Dan Bartel gave the inspiration moment as a report from having watched the Steve Jobs movie which gave recognition to creative people working as teams  who just see things differently.  Our new digital world is probably the result.

Mekonen Giogis served as greeter tonight and yours truly as Scribe.



Our guests tonight included Dr. Arun Jhaveri, certified  sustainable development professional and the first mayor of Burien, Washington from 1992-1998.  Also joining us was Jorgni Ramis (SP?) a Bellevue Lunch Club visiting Rotarian who works in Information Technology and supports what are called "Inspiration Playgrounds" for kids with disabilities who with these helps can feel included in social life.  Carly Taylor from Bellevue High School is our Student of the Month for November.  Also joining us as Scott Becker's guest was Michael Oskouian an insurance broker with Willis of Seattle, Inc.


Announcements included:

  • For Ann Hamilton not present, the Lake Washington School of Technology benefit lunch is November 3rd.
  • Don Dicks announced the Club's hands on work project for Attain Housing, a program to refurbish housing units for the next short term resident seeking an avenue back into responsible and productive life in the community. Volunteers needed for this weekend; contact Don for location and details.
  • Steve Shinstrom announced that the annual Bunco party at his house will be November 14th, theme is crazy hats so surprise us!
  • Scott Rethke announced that the night before is a warm up event at  Total Wine in Bellevue:  6:30-8:30  beer and wine available.
  • Dave  Debois announced hockey night in Everett on Saturday December 5th. More details as to where to assemble for a pre game meal to be announced.
  • Rich Bergdahl announced that the Club's $50,000 donation will be presented to the City of Kirkland on November 17th and requested some past presidents to accompany him.
  • Eric Olsen, now retired as Chief of Police of Kirkland thanked those who came to his retirement party and reported somewhat on his new life.
Kirkland Rotary Minutes
Woodmark  - 6:30 pm
Rich Bergdahl opened the meeting with a welcome.  Brian Tucker led the Pledge of Allegiance. Dave Aubrey offered a story about his parents as an inspirational moment. Dave Dubois was recognized as greeter and Patricia Sims is taking the minutes. Scott Becker took over tonight for Rick Walker. 
Visitors: Scott Becker introduced his guest Stasa Hansen from a company called Sonitrol. 
            Jim Feek introduced his guest Bob Sternoff, a past council member & entrepreneur. 
            Dave Dubois introduced Dick Carlson from Tuscon AZ.  
Rich thanked Al for attending the meeting last week.   Rich also thanked DB for coming to the meeting George for picking him up.  DB Recently moved to Aegis of Kirkland.  Joanne Primavera announced that it was DB’s birthday on Saturday.  Bill Woods and Ernie Norwood are also expecting birthdays soon.
  • Joanne Primavera presented Attain Housing formally called KITH.  Kirkland Rotarians are asked to volunteer to help fix up a house.  No skills necessary.  Once the house is occupied then Rotary will also “adopt” the family. The dates of changed to a possible date of November 4 – 8th.  Don Dicks has a checklist of what will be needed.  Please sign up. 
  • Scott Becker announced that Nigeria is now Polio free.  This will clear the entire continent of Africa from Polio. 
  • Pat Swenson called for reading buddies and John Muir elementary.  The programs starts soon (November 2nd) so please contact Pat if you can help. 
  • Anne Hamilton reminded Rotarians that the LW Institute of Technology will be holding their breakfast.   For information on how to attend, please contact Anne. 
  • Steve Shinstrom announced that Bunko is scheduled at his house on November 14th.  The theme is “Hatastic”.  Rotarians are encouraged to where their favorite hat or get creative and have fun with a new design. Signup sheets are on the table.
  • Rich Bergdahl will be holding the Christmas party at his home on Sunday December 13th.  Festivities will begin 5:30ish.  Rotary meeting will still be held on Monday the 14th.
  • Rich welcomed back Steve Shinstrom, Anne Hamilton, and Mike Hunter who have been out for a few weeks.   Gary Bruner is improving and appreciates all of the well wishes.
  • Ben’s grandfather was recently diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer.  He has been moved into hospice.  Herb Stier’s phone number is 210-260-1985 for anyone that would like to call him.
  • On Tuesday November 17th, Kirkland Rotary will be presenting $50,000 check to the Kirkland City Council.  Rich is going to ask any previous presidents who helped raise the money during their tenure to attend. The money will be used for the Waverly Beach Picnic Shelter.     
  • Dave Dubois provided the date for the annual hockey night.   There are 50 seats reserved December 5th   Everett Silver Tips. More details and signup sheets to follow
  • Brian Tucker directed Happy Dollars. $160 was raised for Happy Dollars.  Great job Brian!
Here is link to scholarship night photos.  What a great night.

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Duck Branding Party
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