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We meet Mondays at 6:15 PM
Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon Point
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The Rotary Club of Kirkland had their annual golf tournament at Mt. Si Golf Course. The day was beautiful. Rotarian Harry Wagoner’s team won the tourney shooting 14 under.
In addition to fellowship, the Rotarians and their guests raised over $250 for the Rotary Foundation which donates to many Kirkland charities.

Meeting opened @ 6:35PM
Inspirational moment – Rick Walter
  • Story about a man who paid his way through Texas A&M on a golf scholarship.
  • Story about gambling on luggage in Las Vegas.
  • Sue Kessler, Rotarian from Seattle Four
  • Bruce Bergdahl, brother of Rich Bergdahl
Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, June 6, 2016, Meeting at the Wilde Rover
This meeting at the Wilde Rover was the annual Duck Dash Kickoff to begin the 19th year of the Duck Dash race.  After an hour of fellowship and dinner, President Rich Bergdahl (the Club’s 78th President) called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. 
Bill Woods reminisced about our Club’s early meetings at the Flame where steak was served at every meeting for $5.  Kirkland had three drugstores, three hardware stores and three dime stores.  Our community has changed over the years and is still a vibrant and wonderful place to live. 
Bill Taylor recalled early Duck Dash races and the first meeting that included Rick Ostrander, Dan Bartel and Tom Sturgell.  Figuring out how to move the ducks was one of the first challenges so they came up with leaf blowers in rowboats!
Many members had spouses, friends and family in attendance. 
The incoming President of the Downtown Club, Tom Ryan, was kind enough to join us with his wife, Dana. 
Five members of the Lake Washington High School Drill Team and their teacher, Michelle, also joined our celebration.  The Drill Team members brought large Ducks that the members voted on as the best decorated.  The lucky winner received a “Glowing Duck” and each Drill Team member received a Starbucks card.
Kirkland Rotary Club Minutes
May 23, 2016
The meeting was called to (some semblance of) order by President Rich Bergdahl. 
After Rick Ostrander led us in the pledge, President Bergdahl offered a “Rotary Minute” around the topic “What is Rotary?”.  In simple terms, it’s getting things done!
The focus of this evening’s meeting was the awarding of Rotary Scholarships to nine very deserving young men and women.  Kudos to Vocational Service Chair James Nevers and his committee for all of their work in interviewing Kirkland area students and selecting an outstanding group of recipients:
  • Carmen Olmedo from Cascadia Community College, who will be majoring in Chemical Engineering.
  • Lucy Duoxi Su, also from Cascadia who unfortunately was not able to join us.
  • William Chae, from the International Community School, who attended with his father and his twin brother.
  • Nick Goodwin from Juanita High School, who is headed to the UW.
  • Zoe Thomas, also from Juanita High, who plans to major in nursing.
  • Olivia Thomas, our Chuck O. Morgan Scholarship recipient, who is headed to Boston University to become a writer.
  • Amanda Chau from Lake Washington High School, who was our May Student of the Month and is also involved in Rotaract.
  • Elizabeth Tucker from Lake Washington Technical Academy, who plans on becoming a National Parks Ranger.
  • Chelsea Knight from Lake Washington Institute of Technology, who plans on a career in nursing.
After the scholarships were presented, William Chae’s father told us of receiving a $ 50 scholarship many years ago and how much that meant to him.  He reminded us that while we Rotarians may not remember the evening, the young men and women who received the scholarships would never forget it.
Finally, Rick Walter (who sold the Joker Pool tickets and collected the money for the Joker Pool tickets) presided over the drawing of the Joker Pool tickets.  It turns out that the drawing of the Joker Pool tickets was won by none other than ………. Rick Walter.  Fortunately, it was the nine of spades.
Just a reminder, there will be no meeting next week as it is Memorial Day.  Our next meeting will be June 6th and will be at the Wilde Rover to kick off the Duck Dash.
Scribingly submitted, Terry Cole


The meeting was called to order at 6:30Pm by President Rich Bergdahl


Alice Volpe led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States.


Bill Woods our 50 year club Rotarian gave an inspirational moment based on his recollections from his school days in Montana.  He related a special moment when a history teacher in 1942 announced that he had been drafted for the war effort.  He recalls the teacher said to the class that we should remember that it takes courage to speak but even more courage to open your mind and listen. He also recalled his favorite President Ronald Reagan saying a responsive idea will solve the problems we face if you are willing to annoy enough people with it.


Our guests tonight were our favorite bartender from years back Tyson, the man with only one name.  Actually he has a last name but friends need to know only one.  Our two students of the month from Lake Washington High School were here for their last visits and presentations, Matthew Malloy and Amanda Chau with  some of their families.  Another guest was Shreedar from India who was to speak at the end of the meeting.


  • Announcements included that we need volunteers for Miracle League this Saturday since no sports or club team youth volunteers will be present.  Ten Rotarians indicated they can come. Twenty are needed.
  • Steve Shinstrom announced he needs signups for scribe and greeters and made a special pitch for Rotarians in the Club to respond with guest numbers that they are coming to the Wild Rover next Monday the 23rd of May for the Duck Dash kickoff.  Otherwise there may not be enough food if you just show up.
  • Ben Premack announced that  May 28th is the next Rotary First harvest activity at the food bank in Kent.  Assemble at the 70th Street park and Ride or at the facility in Kent.  Ben was also awarded a Rotary International pin for signing up his grandfather as a Rotarian.


Matthew and Amanda gave their combined reports to conclude their Student of the Month participation cycles with an eclectic and different approach from usual.  They came up together and did a mock interview of each other in front of the club.  From this we learned of their personal interests (Matthew has no spare time due to volunteering and other club memberships such as Beta Club, Decca, as well as basketball and track; just got a job with Kirkland Park’s Department)  Amanda was snowed with activities as well (Rotaract and taking classes at Bellevue Community College  volleyball team and friends)  Matt will attend the University of Montana but his major is not yet chosen but so far interested in biology or city planning.  Both our students  are planning senior year trips to one place or the other.  They announced that they have been classmates since kindergarten.  Elizabeth Rusnick presented them with their participation certificates and donation cards for food in their honor in Rotary First Harvest food banks (600 pounds of food each as donations in their names. The traditional racing ducks were also gifted to each.


A special guest tonight was Tyson our one name favorite bartender and friend to many Rotarians at the happy hour before meetings. Tyson reported that he fondly remembers the friends he made at Rotary and the advice many of them gave that aided him in the transitions of his life that are ongoing.  He has been accepted to the Foster School of Business at UW.  Wherever Tyson ends up we are confident he will be contributing to life and progress and we fully expect him to become a future Rotarian.  He already has that look. His thanking us for the inspiration he received was genuinely expressed and heart felt in the reception.


Patty Doherty gave her classification talk:  Having done many things in life including IT sales and lived all over from here to California, Florida and back, Patty’s classification is insurance sales.  Aflac has been her major employer but she did a few years in teaching but soon returned to her love insurance sales. From no planning whatsoever she spent a number of years in troubled spots or conditions: a husband with a drinking problem, four hurricanes in Florida  but always learned to love to serve people in their responding to helps.  She has one daughter who is now a student at USC in California.  Every time she moved away circumstances seemed to bring her back to Washington where she has acquired many friends and will stay.  She was introduced to Rotary by President Rich Bergdahl whose Rotary pin attracted her interest at a Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Meeting and when she asked about he, he said, “Come and see”  She did and here she has stayed.  We welcome you Patty Doherty, Rotarian.


Jason Overleese introduced our program representatives from Kineta, a pharmaceutical drug development firm. Ken North, chief fund raiser, a former banker who retired from business to shape drug development at Kineta  introduced the company and our speaker Kristin Bedard, PhD, head of Kineta’s urology research program.  Kristin explained why the pathway to an FDA drug for disease treatment takes so long. Kineta receives government grants from the NIH (National Institutes  of Health) and others that are called undiluted grants which means the government does not control the use or the means of the expenditures in research or the ability to take the drugs for governmental use once developed.  Kineta calls its programs translational development which was ambiguous to your scribe.  Some of their initiatives include  innate immune systems, dealing with chronic pain and immune oncology. FDA approval for therapeutic drug products average 12-15 years in development which partly explains why the cost is so high.  Some of their research programs include auto immune functions, research into lupus treatment products and anti-viral programs, something called one side suppressors (whatever that means) and efforts to find solutions to such killers as lupus and Ebola. New areas being worked on include immune response research, immune modulating drugs, killing cancer cells and fighting various viral infection causes.  Kineta also works on research to combat or control chronic pain.  44 people per day die from addiction to pain killing drugs that cross the blood barrier into the brain which makes addiction a problem.  Kineta is finding sources for substances that can develop drugs that will control chronic pain and not cross the blood barrier and become as addictive.  They invited us to inquire and even make a visit although some parts of the facility may not be accessed for obvious reasons of cleanliness and  the scientific precautions involved.


Our visiting Rotarian Shreedar gave a presentation of his club in India called Chennai Upscale in the town of Chennai.  They speak the  Tamil language in the language family group of Dravidian.  The club is only 100 days old.  Their vision is education assistance for kids in their community.  He presented slides of historic  buildings like temples although not necessarily religious as well as pictures of the kids they help.  He had only heard of Rotary and knew nothing about it but somebody suggested he help form a club.  We got to see the results so far.  President Bergdahl presented a Kirkland Rotary Club flag.  Shreedar is a mechanical engineer in India , has a son in Redmond and a daughter in Bellevue so we are likely to see more of him in the future.  He stated that for the annual cost of $60-$70 a student’s life can be saved through education in his area.  A true Rotarian in action, this one was and heartily welcomed by our club.


The meeting adjourned approximately 7:45Pm.

John E. Woodbery



Rotary Spokesman
Meeting Date: Monday, May 9, 2016
The meeting is called to order by substituting president, James Nevers at 6:30 p.m.  The flag salute is led by Student of the Month, Matthew Malloy.  Tonight’s Greeter is: Elizabeth Rusnak. Front desk: Rick Walter.
Introduction of Visitors:
Visiting Rotarians:  Sreedhar, visiting from India; and Ann Norman from Bellevue Breakfast.
Students of the Month: Matthew Malloy and Amanda Chau of Lake Washington High School.
Other Visitors: Nick Nickolaychuk, Sandy Taylor (Happy Birthday), Wilma Bartel, Jeff Norman, Eleanor Sieverts-Ackerman, Nancy Fritz, Doug Frits, Gail Auslander, Patty Shinstrom, Jessica Olson, and Stephanie Walter.
Club Announcements:
  1. Board Meeting has been rescheduled to May 18th (same location, same time). Please RSVP to James Nevers.
  2. Golf Tournament will be held at Mt. Si Golf Course on June 20. Cost is $85 per person. Sign up and pay next week.
  3. Mariners Game Night on June 11.  Sign up with David DeBois.
  4. Scholarship Night will be May 23rd.
  5. Duck Dash kick-off is Monday, June 6 at the Wilde Rover. First day of selling is at Wednesday Market on June 8th. Everyone is encouraged to sign up to sell tickets.
  6. Patti Smith announced the picnic shelter at Waverly Park will be ready in June, and we’ll have our Club Picnic there on July 11th. A formal grand opening (and ribbon cutting) will likely occur in September.
  7. Miracle League game on Saturday, May 14:  NEED VOLUNTEERS. Games are at Perrigo Park in Redmond. Show-up time is 9:30. We hope to see you there.
  8. Social night at Chain Line Brewing will be on 6-16-16 at 6pm.
    Special Announcements:
    Happy Dollars:
    Program Speaker: Jerry Miner, Comedian (all the way from Tacoma)
    Program Topic: We were all entertained by the good humor of Jerry Miner. He’s been on A&E and Comedy Central.  He and his wife (who is also a comedian) travel the country.
    Lucky Ticket Drawing
    The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
    Submitted by Scribe:
    Elizabeth Rusnak

Rotary Minutes for May 2, 2016
Scribe:  Pat Swenson
Our meeting was called to order by President, Rich Bergdahl at 6:30 p.m.  Our flag salute was lead by Joanne Primavera and Bob Auslander provided a lovely Inspirational Moment on the meaning of true love.  Rich took a minute to thank our evening’s Greeter:  John Woodbery, and the awesome services of Rick Walter for manning the front desk.  Our few visitors were introduced:  Amanda Chou, a Senior from Lake Washington High School (our student of the month) who told us she is a Rotoract member at Bellevue College and will be a Rotoract at Seattle University (which she will attend in the Fall).  Jason Chemchill accompanied our speaker and Rene, a Visiting Rotarian from West Seattle Club.
  • A request for more Volunteers for Miracle League game on Saturday, May 7th.  Please come help, starting time 9:30 a.m. and done by 11:30/12:00.
  • A request for RSVPs to Jason Overleese if you plan to attend next Monday, May 9th meeting for comedian Jerry Miner.  We need lots of guests and members to meet 50.
  • Rich read a Thank You note from Eastside Baby Corner—they are very grateful for our donations.
  • Dave DeBois asked that you let him know if you plan to golf in the June 20th tournament at Mt. Si.  Cost is $85.00 and includes golf, cart and food.  Please pay at Monday night meeting.  Notify Dave at:
  • Rick Walter, Steve Shinstrom, Joanne Primavera, Rich Bergdahl attended the District Conference last weekend and all had a fabulous time.  Joanne hosted an event in her suite and the golf games were lots of fun.
  • Patti Smith said Duck Dash is “all under control”. 
  • Rich reminded about the next Board Meeting...   UPDATE:  BOARD MEETING IS NOW MAY 20TH at 5:30 at Re-Max offices.  Please let Rich know if you plan to attend.
  • Dave DeBois gave a brief update on the preliminary meeting with Studio East for a potential Halloween Haunted House.  We are in a fact finding stage to see if this fund raiser activity is possible, working with the City of Kirkland and Studio East.

The April 25, 2016 Kirkland Rotary Club meeting was called to order by President Rich Bergdahl at 6:30PM


The Inspirational /Rotary moment consisted of testimonies from those members who participated in Miracle League last Saturday at Perrigo Park in Redmond.  The stories included those kids who have been helped by having a place where they could participate in sports activities that normal kids take for granted.  For these kids, it is a miraculous opportunity.  Elizabeth Rusnick reminded us “it truly takes a village”.  The volunteer efforts of us all makes this miracle happen.


President Rich thanked Dave DeBois as tonight’s greeter and Rick Walter for the winding down weeks of his invaluable efforts at the front  desk we all tend to take for granted.


Our guests tonight were member prospect Kara Munea who recently moved to Kirkland from Ohio with her husband.  She works at Prevail Management.  Mike Hunter introduced again our current Student of the Month Forest Malcom with his father Greg Malcom as welcome guests. Jason Overleese introduced Susan Spector who came with our speaker from the Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy organization (WAAA)


Announcements included: 

  • Dave DeBois let us know that the Club Golf Tournament event will return to Mount Si Golf Course on June 20th. Dave encouraged us to get our foursomes together so we are playing with special friends, even invited guests. 
  • He also announced that on June 11, 2016 we will have a mariner Baseball night at 7:00PM, tickets to cost $37.00 plus tax on the 100 level,  first base side . 
  • Also, in a busy activity report, Dave announced that on July 11th we will have the Club Picnic at Waverly Park East under the Pavilion we donated.
  • Patti Smith announced that a check was received for an amount your scribe could not hear and for a purpose not clear.  Check with Patti.
  • We have been granted a free advertisement in The Kirkland Community Living handout that goes to 1600 homes with an advertisement for the  Duck Dash and how tickets are purchased and where.
  • Cards were circulated for signatures for our friend Patti Marsh who suffers from breast cancer, a card for GG Getz in Georgia suffering from something I couldn’t catch and a thank you card from the Lake Washington School District for our sponsorship of the CEO program for entrepreneur development attitudes among participating students.
  • President Rich called up Scott Becker for a special pin award for member recruitment for the club. 
  • The next Board meeting will be at Rich Bergdahl’ s office on May 11th although he will not be present.

Next, Forest Malcom presented his Student of the Month talk which was warmly received.  A future Rotarian was in evidence. He testified that he has been aided in his exposure in Rotary to discovering some of the true passions in his life as seen from here.

Here is link to scholarship night photos.  What a great night.

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