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Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 6:15 PM
Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon Point
Kirkland, WA  98033
United States of America
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For information on our club please contact:
Amy Mutal
Home Page Stories
Rotary Club, Kirkland
Meeting Date: Monday, September 9, 2019
Scribe: Terri Ebert
The meeting was called to order by President John Woodbery at 6:30 pm. The flag salute was led by Scott Becker.
The inspiration moment was shared by John Woodberry. John shared a Paul Harris quote which I sadly did not capture enough to find it online. So, I give you this – “Rotary changes us and those we serve. I believe we can change the world one life at a time.” ~Paul Harris
Visiting Rotarians where Kemper Freeman and his wife, Betty Austin from Rotary Club of Bellevue; Kay Zatine from Rotary Club of Downtown Kirkland.
  • Mike Hunter on behalf of Dan Bartell informed the Club that October 12th is the next Rotary Northwest Harvest event. Please join us at 8 am at the Houghton Park & Ride (70th and 116th).
  •  Dave Aubry reminded the Club that our Foundation Auction is on September 30th. We will have a dessert dash-sign up to bring something yummy for bidding; we need a headcount, ensure you let him know if you are coming; bring your incredibly sellable items and raise a lot of money for the Foundation. The location is St. John’s Episcopal Church (same location as last year). 105 State St, Kirkland, WA 98033
  • Scott Becker has made a professional move to a new bank in downtown Kirkland.  
  • Monday, September 16th is our picnic at Everest Park. Come rain or shine, we will be there. Come on out around 5:30 onward.
Happy Dollars! Terri Ebert collected Happy Dollars from many of our members who enjoyed the Saturday night lightening show, enjoyed the opportunity of NOT staying at the U of WA football game due to the lightning, happy that another WA football team was showcased on the U of WA big screens during the lightning storm, got their daughter off to Ireland, and more! Thank you for your generosity!
Program speakers were Marni Kurtz, Executive Director and Nick Riley, Mentorship Coordinator from AFK Youth Mentoring. Marni and Nick provided an incredibly upbeat and moving discussion regarding this program which is about building supportive relationships between children who have disabilities and high school athletes. The Mission of AFK Youth Mentoring is to enhance the lives of children who have disabilities and special needs and the high school athletes who mentor them. It was noted that BOTH the Mentors and the Buddies report that their life was enhanced due to this program.
Facts: Since 2002 2,500 Buddies and Mentors have participated in the program. There are currently 417 active Buddies and Mentors. In 2018 6,000 mentoring hours were completed. As of this meeting, there are 12 High School Chapters active in the program. Several questions were answered in relation to the program, funding and more.
On Thursday, November 7th, 6 pm, please join AFK Youth Mentoring for their Beneath the Same Sky Auction.  Location is Seattle Marriott Bellevue. 200 110th Avenue, NE, Bellevue. If you are interested in attending, please email Terri Ebert; she is considering hosting a table.
The meeting ended at 7:25 pm.
Submitted by Terri Ebert
Rotary Club, Kirkland
Meeting Date: Monday, August 12, 2019
Scribe: Terri Ebert
The meeting was called to order by President John Woodbery at 6:30 pm. The flag salute was led by Dave Aubry.
The inspiration moment was shared by John Woodberry. John admitted that he was not sure it related directly back to Rotary. The moral of the story is that desperation begets cleverness.
Visitors include Claudia Smith who is looking for her next Rotary club.  Margaret Tafoya & Cheryl Guenther from Jefferson House
  • There is a Board Meeting on Wednesday, 14 September at 5:30 pm. Location is Amy Mutal’s office in Kirkland.
  • The Salmon Bake is 26 August, 5:30 pm. Steve Shinstrom sent the sign-up sheet. We need some volunteers to stay and help clean up after the event. For mapping please use
    • 13615 NE 103rd Street Kirkland 98033
  • No Meeting on Monday, 2 September due to Labor Day holiday.
Special Announcements. As voted on by the Board, James Nevers was Rotarian of the Monty for August 2019.
Program speaker was Carolyn Raichle who spoke about her Mother, Jean McFee Raichle, and the Artist Within.  Carolyn showed a short film about her Mother and the power of art when people have dementia. Carolyn’s discussion drew many questions and was very moving. Carolyn encouraged us to find joy in any interaction, be patient and ready to redirect your friend or family member who may find themselves in this situation.
The meeting ended at 7:30 pm.
Terri Ebert
Rotary Club of Kirkland, meeting date: Monday August 19, 2019
Scribe: Joe Getzendanner
The front desk and greeting duty staffed by John Pruitt and Margie Glenn – thank you.  The formal meeting was called to order by President John Woodbery at 6:35 pm after an earsplitting microphone glitch.  Once cleared up, the flag salute was led by the scribe. 
Special guests included: member Gary Cohn’s mother, Roseanne and President John Woodbery’s friend Chris Rorer, alumni of the Air Force Academy and former member of Bellevue Rotary.
Members Rick Walter and Ernie Norehad each offered up spirited jokes to the club.  Details are fuzzy, one joke came from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee while the other involved old golfers pretending to be older – punch lines required attendance 😉
The club Salmon Bake is on August 26th at Brandon Honcoop’s home…call to service was made for designated drivers (OPEN BAR – thanks Rick Walter) and for volunteers to help clean up post bake.  Let’s not leave this on our hosts.
Rotary Foundation Auction is September 30th at St John’s Church (downtown Kirkland)…more details coming but please mark your calendars and prepare fun “item” to donate to the auction.  4 Seahawk sideline tickets potentially being offered up by loud member at front table.  Dessert Dash will be back at this year’s auction, please leave all vegan pies at home (kidding).
The club unanimously approved the appointment of Margie Glenn as Club Secretary – thank you Margie.
Member Gary Cohn received a Paul Harris Fellow recognition for his long-standing service with the Everett Club.  Gary expressed his desire to continue giving back within the Kirkland club and specifically to apply his energy within the vocational committee.
Our guest speaker was Eitan Teiger, representing Stand With Us, an organization promoting Israeli interests abroad for the past 19 years.  Eitan has spent 10 months in the US presenting to different groups including many high schools.  While the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is clearly complex and full of violent instances, Eitan brought to our attention that Israel is comprised of many different religions and that Stand With Us views education as the best path to peace.  President John Woodbery thanked Eitan for his talk with 600 lbs of donated food to Rotary First Harvest and an authentic Duck Dash duck.
Upcoming schedule: no meeting September 2nd (for Labor Day), normal meeting time/place September 9th and then club picnic September 16th at Everest Picnic Pavilion.
Meeting adjourned by President John Woodbery at 7:40 pm.
Kirkland Rotary
Monday, August 5, 2019 Weekly Meeting Notes
Scribe: Terri Ebert
The meeting was called to order by President, John Woodbery at 6:40 pm. The flag salute was led by Terry Cole.
The inspiration moment was introduced by John Woodbery. The topic was about the blind girl and her boyfriend. The girl was very grateful and had a wonderful boyfriend who loved her dearly. The girl said that if she could have 1 thing, she would like the ability to see. One miraculous day eyes were donated to the girl and she could then see. She was so happy yet then noted that her boyfriend was blind. She said that she wanted someone in her life that could see; so, the girl broke up with the boyfriend. Later the former boyfriend sent the girl a letter wishing her well and noted that he was very glad he could donate his eyes to her so she could see. Service above self.
There were no visitors present at the meeting beyond the speaker.
Club announcements:
  • James Nevers provided an update to the 2019 Duck Dash. With sponsorships, donations and ticket sales we grossed $26,000. The use of the Square allowed about $3,000 in sales. There was a great turn out for the set-up, we shortened the course and many Rotarians were present on race day to sell tickets. Thank you! More statistics are coming. There is a cost of about $10,000 plus prizes. We note that Kirkland Rotary has hosted the Duck Dash for 22 years.
  • Rick Walters took the podium to recognize Dave Aubry as 2018-2019 Rotarian of the Year.
  • Amy Mutal updated the group that the Club Service committee is in planning stages. August 26th is the Salmon Bake; September 16th is the picnic; Bunco in November; December 9th is the Holiday Party.
  • Dave Aubry reminded everyone that September 30th is the annual auction at St. John’s Church in Kirkland. The Cross-Kirkland-Corridor had a big win with a $6,000 grant from For Culture. In late summer, early fall, please be ready to volunteer the next bit of work. The Kirkland City Council voted for additional money to be given on behalf of the CKC.
New Member Talk: Kristin Olson gave her new member talk and share with the membership her love of Mexico, the Rotary Club at her 2nd home in Mexico and the giving back they have done in the past year. Kristin had an esteemed career as a lawyer and currently resides in Kirkland.
Program Speaker: The Honorable Faith Ireland spoke about Washington State’s legislative system. Faith was born in Seattle and raised in Burien. She attended the University of Washing and worked/volunteered with WA State’s Legislature during school. Faith spoke about the separation of power, the revolving door of habitual offenders and took several questions from the membership. 
The meeting adjourned aby 7:50 pm
Terri Eber
Thank you all for supporting Kirkland Rotary
Special thanks to all of our Sponsors
Below are the 2019 Duck Dash Winners!!!
1.  Virginia Graves - $1000
2.  Christian Lindvall - $1000
3.  Eric Shinstrom - $1000
4.  Thad Pound - $1000
5.  Mack & Suzy Krabbe - $1000
6.  Jeff Tomlin - $500 at Totally Sound Fitness
7.  Ambareen Jaddi - $250 at Ace Frames
8.  Don Kingsley - $230 at Sail Sand Point
9.  James Nevers - $200 at Woodmark Hotel
10.  Eleanor Sieverts-Akerman - $100 Dinner for two at Vovino
11.  Imelda Gregor - $120 at Grape Choice
12.  Pam Wilcut - $75 at Fena Flowers
13.  Bob Auslander - $75 NW Wine Basket
14.  Brit Getzendanner - $75 Coffee Basket
15.  Nicholas Levias - $75 Margarita Basket
16.  Jsaon Van Wuhle - $75 Golf Basket
17.  Chitra Subramanian - $50 at Ristorante Paradiso
18.  Karen Durner - $50 at Ristorante Paradiso
19.  Raphael Rodriguez - $50 at Norther Public House
20. Stan Hall - $50 at Norther Public House
The meeting of Monday, July 15, 2019 was called to order at 6:42 by President, John Woodbery.  Terry Cole led the flag salute.  Margie Glenn greeted all the members as they entered the meeting.
            John provided an insprirational moment.  If there is a boulder in the road, look at it as an opportunity to improve your circumstances, not something to avoid.
            There were no visitors.
Megan:  The Duck Branding Party will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 23 at 6:00 p.m. at LEE JOHNSON CHEVROLET/MAZDA in the Mazda service bay.  Pizza, beverages, and cookies will be served after all the ducks are branded.  Bring friends and relatives.
Jim:    The Ducks will race at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 28.
            Sign up to help with the following:
            1.  Selling duck tickets Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.
            2.  Putting up the booth Friday
            3.  Putting the ducks in the water at 9:00 a.m. Sunday
            4.  Pulling out the ducks after the race at 2:00 p.m.
Joanne:  On July 16, the Kirkland City Council will vote on addiing funds to purchase a larger, more substantial gazebo at the CKC Railroad Crossing.  The $32,400 we have raised through duck sales and the Kirkland Foundation Auction, will be leveraged by either $36,000 or $48,000 more dollars from the City.  After the project is finally approved, the gazebo will be purchased and the project will proceed.
            John Hanson, a private investigator, held the members mesmorized with his story of investigating a hoax to collect money for alleged victims of the Alaska Airlines crash in 2000.  He also briefly told a story of how he helped find two murdered bodies in Lake Washington that resulted in two men being convicted of murder and sent to prison for life without parole,
The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 p.m.
Joanne Primavera, Scribe
JULY 8, 2019
July 8, 2019-Kirkland Rotary Dinner Meeting was called to order by President John Woodbery at 6:30 PM.
The flag salute was led by George Anderson.
Meeting Greeter was Tricia Stromberg
The inspirational moment was provided by Ernie Norehad. The topic was Experience.
The following visitors were present:
Todd Dentor, Jacob’s Father
Barry Long, Speaker for the evening
Entita Ogada, Past President from Kenya
Rod Moore, John’s son-in-law and Barry’s business partner
Club announcements include:
  1.     James Nevers-Duck Dash Chair
    1.     Duck Branding Night is July 22, 2019 at Lee Johnson offices, 11845 NE 85th Way in Kirkland
    2.     Turn in sales proceeds and ticket receipts to Joanne Primavera as soon as possible during your sales efforts
    3.     Rick Walter announced that he will be out of town on Sunday, July 28th and will, therefore, be unavailable to randomize and announce the winner of the dash. If Excel does not scare you, contact Rick as soon as possible to get orientation to the program and procedures for the day of the Dash, Sunday, July 28th.
    4.     Duck Dash supplies, i.e. table, chairs, table cover, prop ducks, can be picked up at AND LEFT OFF at Steve Shinstrom’s office, 525 Kirkland Way.
  1.     Post-Duck Dash Social- Annual Salmon Bake Monday, August 26, 2019 at Brandon Honcoop’s house.
Happy Dollars were collected by Rick Walter
Speaker-Barry Long, Realtor, Real Estate Sorftware Developer, Public Speaker
Program Topic: Career Decisions &  How Careers Change with Life Circumstances
Summary of Program:
  •        Barry started his career in Alaska at age 18 with a builder who liked the fact that Barry had no experience in anything so far in his young life.
  •        At 22, youthful exuberance and accompanying hubris, turned into physical trauma for Barry. A motorcycle accident on a familiar route, changed Barry’s mobility opportunities.
  •        Out of this accident, Barry developed goal setting abilities from which he believes everyone can benefit.
  •        Goals are more than a list on paper. Goals plus taking action are the only way to accomplish anything in life. Barry strongly believes, we can accomplish anything we desire if we take action on our desires.
  •        Hand-in-hand with goals, it is imperative that we learn to ask for and to accept help
Big lesson-we do not do anything by ourselves
  •        Barry developed two notable programs out of his own experiences:
    1.     Think First Program-Injury prevention education
    2.     Real Estate Multiple Listing information about special needs features in homes for sale and availability of facilities in the area of homes for sale
Barry entertained, made us laugh and inspired us all to take a different view of our lives, goals, actions and need for help every day of our lives.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted:
Margie Glenn
Scribe for July 8, 2019 Kirkland Rotary Meeting
Hello fellow Rotarians.  Bob Webb had computer problems so I got these minutes to Steve's address to learn he is away for a while so here they are:
Our speaker Monday is Barry Long whose topic is mentioned below.
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by newly inducted President John Woodbery. Our greeter tonight was Monica Fratita, the front desk ably manned by John Pruitt and Rick Ostrander the flag salute was led by Ambareen Jaddi, the inspiration moment was given by President John Woodbery with six short prayers that demonstrated qualities like faith, hope, attitude and so forth.
Our only visitor was former member Angela Marks who came especially to hear Bill Woods speak.  For announcements James Nevers brought us up to speed on the Duck Race preparations and place an urgent request for sellers at the parade on the 4th and at the Wednesday Market and QFC.  The duck race is less than a month away.
Our program tonight was from Bill Woods a member of Rotary for 55 years. He first attended as a guest in 1955 but became a member in 1964.  There could in 1952 only be one member from a given profession then so Bill as the second pharmacist had a badge that he showed that read APOTHECARY.  Bill was mayor of Kirkland twice and the Rotary song leader for ten years, handing out a "Rotary song book used in that capacity way back then.  He reported that women were only permitted to be Rotarians after 1962.the first woman.  He commented on unusual projects like a 60 foot Christmas tree a member delivered to down town Kirkland and a hole was cut in the pavement and a near by crane lifted it into place where it was decorated much to the amazement of Kirklanders that Christmas. Bill commented on how the waterfront was cleaned up and made what it is today, an attraction to thousands each year. He and then fellow member Chuck Morgan worked together to collect funds to build the Kirkland Performance center, a key feature today of Kirkland.
There were many questions joyfully and informatively answered and Bill remained in his wheel chair for a solid round of applause.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.
Bob Webb, Scribe by proxy
Steve: Upcoming programs:
July 8th   Barry Long motivation for people with physical handicaps
July 15th John Hansen, former police detective now private investigator to explain what the hidden life of crime is like
August 5th Open
August 12th Marilyn Rachel  The art of Alzheimer’s
August 19th  Eitan Teisor an Israeli tells us what it’s really like over there
Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, June 17, 2019 Meeting
President Rick Walter called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Patty Doherty led us in the Pledge. 
Cheryl Guenther from Jefferson House
Thomas Abraham, guest of the speaker
Kathy Dryden, John Muir Elementary
  • Bill Woods attended the Old Timers’ meeting last week and we hope he will join us for our Transition Dinner next week
  • Joanne Primavera related how wonderful the parade of flags was at the International Convention in Hamburg, Germany; 132 countries were represented by the flags.  Next year’s convention will be in Hawaii, then Taiwan in two years.
  • Thanks to Joe Getzendanner, the District has contributed $1,825.12 towards our Warm Coats fund this fall.
  • The Cross Kirkland Railroad Project has gained momentum and the City may contribute another $50,000 to add to our $35,000 to build a bigger gazebo.  We’re also asking the District for $5,000 for two picnic tables.  Many thanks to Dave Aubry for his efforts on this project.
  • Chain Line Brewery won awards at the latest tasting contest!
  • James Nevers had signups for selling Duck Adoptions at QFC and the Wednesday Market. Square card readers are now available to take credit cards, even $5.00 Adoptions.  See James for details.
Michael Friedman
Oct 14, 2019
Kirkland Downtown Association
Kit Topaz
Oct 21, 2019
SAFE (Save a Forgotten Equine)
Debbie Dixon
Oct 28, 2019
Life Coach
Rotary announces US$100 million to eradicate polio

Rotary announces US$100 million to eradicate polioEVANSTON, Ill. (June 10, 2019) — Rotary is giving US$100 million in grants to support the global effort to end polio, a vaccine-preventable disease that once paralyzed

6 humanitarians honored for their work with refugees

6 humanitarians honored for their work with refugeesSix humanitarians who are members of the family of Rotary are being honored as People of Action: Connectors Beyond Borders during the 2019 

The plus in PolioPlus

We’re doing so much more than eradicating polio.

Rotary Foundation receives highest rating from Charity Navigator for 12th consecutive year

Rotary Foundation receives highest rating from Charity Navigator for 12th consecutive

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Nigeria reaches crucial polio